White boots: Advantages, popular models and textures, what to wear

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White boots always look spectacular and elegant, perfectly combined with other wardrobe items, attract attention. But along with numerous advantages, they also have a drawback – excessive soiling, so not every representative of the fair sex decides to purchase such shoes. Meanwhile, the last few seasons, fashion designers have been actively demonstrating exactly white boots on the catwalks, because they are able to emphasize the femininity and grace of their owner. If you want to stay in the trend, you should discard any doubts and pay close attention to these products. Laconic or brightly decorated white shoes will definitely diversify the created image, if you choose the right model of boots.

White boots Color features and reasons for popularity

White is the base color, one of the most popular and in demand, it is present with noticeable regularity in all fashion shows. A wardrobe with its predominance will always look finished and harmonious. Features and advantages of color:

  1. Style. Things, shoes and accessories look spectacular and aesthetically pleasing, which is why designers love snow-white shades so much.
  2. Elegance. White is a classic. In shoes or clothes of this color, any girl looks sophisticated, elegant, sophisticated.
  3. Freshness. The white palette visually rejuvenates.
  4. Ease. In the natural world, color is associated with a feather, a fluffy dandelion, and snowflakes. And in the wardrobe he gives the image tenderness, grace, grace.
  5. Universality. Successfully combined with almost any other color. An exception may be only different shades of white.
  6. Wealth. All the characteristics of the color in question indicate that it is associated with life benefits. No wonder the sheikhs in the United Arab Emirates prefer traditional clothes and cars in white tones. And in ancient times, light clothes were worn only by people of the highest social status. Perhaps that is why the idea has remained that visually a man in white looks richer.

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The advantages of white boots can be seen from the above. Perhaps they have only one drawback, but a significant one – such products are very demanding for care. It’s best not to wear them when it’s dirty on the street. But here there is a way out – rubber boots, from the surface of which dirt easily rolls off.

To preserve the appearance of white shoes made of leather, suede, you can use special tools that provide a protective layer. They do not allow dirt and dust to stick. If dark lines appeared on the boots, a special eraser will help.

White boots: Advantages, popular models and textures, what to wear

Actual models

This season, the most popular boots of all light shades. Particularly relevant are the white ankle boots that fashionistas love so much. It is necessary to choose the right female models, since not every one of them can suit a particular young lady. As for age, there are no restrictions. The main criterion is the right clothes. It is worth considering the features of growth and shape in order to maintain the overall proportions in the image. Tall girls can wear almost any shoes (white ankle boots, ugg boots, over the knee boots) with the slight restrictions presented in the table.

Figure Are recommended Not recommended
Hourglass All models, from stocking boots to ankle boots Too high heels or oversized soles
Pear Footwear knee-deep, slouchy, ankle boots Flat platform
Apple With a low boot, ankle boots, ankle boots with medium stable heels or on a low platform High Shafted Products
Rectangle Over-the-Knee Boots, Flat Boots, Ugg Boots, Blown Ankle Boots High narrow stiletto heel, as the lower part of the body is thinning, the angularity of the figure is visually exacerbated
Triangle Ankle boots with ankle boot or fur inserts with medium stable heel Too narrowed toe, thin heel

Women of medium height can wear almost any shoe. Short models will not affect the proportions of the body, and high models will make the figure elongated. You can shoe and half boots with heels, and slouchy on the platform. But in any case, if we consider in more detail, it is worth resorting to the recommendations described below.

Figure Are recommended Not recommended
Hourglass Boots-pipes, slacks, ugg boots, high-heeled dutiks, voluminous tractor platform or low soles Products above the knee, as they can visually reduce growth
Pear Heeled shoes with knee-high ankle, slouchy, ankle boots A completely flat platform, as it visually expands the lower body proportions even more
Apple Models with an average boot, ankle boots, ankle boots with a small steady heel or on a low platform High-Shaft Models
Rectangle Boots with knee-high legs, slouchy without heels or wide low heels, ugg boots, inflated ankle boots High narrow stiletto heel, as the lower body is thinning
Triangle Ankle boots with ankle boot or fur inserts with medium stable heel Models with excessively narrowed toe, thin heels

Low women should be careful with white shoes. Ideal options are boots with heels (at least small), a platform or wedges. But products on low soles are categorically not recommended.

Figure Are recommended Not recommended
Hourglass Models with direct shafts below the knee, slush, ankle boots with high heels or wedges Treads, stocking boots, as too long ankle leg visually reduces body proportions. Ankle boots with flat soles, as they further shorten growth
Pear Products with a direct lower leg below the knee, ankle boots with stable heels or high soles, ankle boots Very flat platform, as it expands the proportions of the figure down
Apple Ankle boots, low heel ankle boots or wide soles Models with high wide shafts, as they visually reduce growth even more, give additional volume
Rectangle Ankle boots or ankle boots with rectangular heels, inflated ankle boots Narrow heel, as the lower part of the body is thinning, the angularity of the figure is visually exacerbated
Triangle Ankle boots with extended boot or fur inserts on medium or high stable heels or wedges Tapered Cape at Boots

Depending on the height and build, all the ladies can find a suitable option for themselves. The style of the product, decoration materials, decor – all this makes it possible to have a wide choice. The most spectacular look in white is the high over the knee boots with lacing in front. The latest fashion is considered to be models with a wide bootleg on a flat or tractor sole, high fur boots, boots, moon rovers, as well as fitting options for the type of products for strip plastic.

White boots: Advantages, popular models and textures, what to wear
High growth

Outsole and heel

During the off-season, girls and women most often prefer products with medium or high heels. Usually these are stockings or “pipes” on a hairpin. In spring, they look great with a miniskirt (mini-shorts) or a dress above the knee, and autumn white boots go well with a light cropped jacket. However, among the assortment of shoes for demi-season socks, there may also be options with a flat sole and wedges. In addition, girls can use white rubber boots during rainy weather. Drops of dirt just roll off them, and they are very unpretentious when leaving – it’s enough just to wash the surface with warm water.

Boots in winter should be with a low stable heel, on a wedge, tractor soles or on low speed. Such models can be with fur inserts, decorated with fringe, tassels or pompons. In summer models of white boots, a low sole is most often welcomed, but they can also be high-heeled. They are made of light materials: perforated leather (leatherette) or textile. It goes well with any summer clothes. It will be interesting and playful with a light bolero.

Overweight women should be wary of white stiletto heels and high narrow heels. In such shoes it will be hard to walk, and also it quickly deforms. Low products on a platform or wedge, or even on a thin sole, are well suited.

Low stable heel

Shaft height and width

Among the white boots there are many models with different heights and shafts. Here you should take into account the features of the figure and growth, which was reflected in detail in the tables above. There are general rules in order to preserve the proportions of the figure and hide its imperfections: for ladies from 175 cm high boots are suitable, and for women of medium and short stature – shoes with low shafts.

On girls with magnificent forms, half boots or ankle boots adjacent to the leg will look advantageous – so shoes will visually slim voluminous calves. Women without excess in weight are suitable for any product. With full ankles, in order to hide the flaw, it is recommended to choose models with ankle-boot or stocking boots and over-the-knee boots, since due to their height they will help to visually stretch the leg.

Fashionable textures

White boots are made from a wide variety of materials. For winter, models are sewn from genuine leather or leatherette (often with fur inserts as a decoration). Typically, these are boots, slouchy, classic options, ankle boots. From sintepon and felt (felted wool) make uggs, dutiks, boots. For the spring – autumn period, materials (smooth, textured, varnished) and suede are preferred in the materials. Stockings made of natural or artificial suede with a decor of metal details look very impressive. For rainy spring and autumn, white rubber boots with high or medium shafts are ideal.

The main requirement for shoes in the warm season is the ability to “breathe” feet. Therefore, summer white models are usually made of fabric (lace, cotton yarn) or light perforated leather. Very original, festive items look openwork.

Textile boots often get dirty, but they can be easily washed in a typewriter.

Suede leather
Combination of textures

Design and decor

White boots themselves are a bright accent in the image. Nevertheless, designers are trying to make each model even more original and interesting. Products are often decorated with various decorative elements. It could be:

  1. Lacing. Present on wedding shoes, ankle boots in a sporty style.
  2. Fringe. Great for ethno-image.
  3. Tassels. Successfully combined with ethno-style, as well as casual outfits.
  4. Fur pompons. Harmonize with simple classic clothes. Winter is an ideal season for them.
  5. Chains and buckles. Boots with such decor can be found in grunge style.
  6. Rhinestones. Complementing the glamorous image, white shoes with this decoration are suitable for an evening out or wedding.
  7. Embossed pattern or patterned perforation on the skin (leatherette). Used in autumn or summer models, suitable for ethnic and casual styles.
  8. Black finish. Imitation of sport chic.
  9. Lace. Apply for wedding and summer boots.
  10. Print This element can be present in all kinds of styles: sports, casual, glamorous, grunge. It all depends on the theme of the pattern, the area it occupies on the surface of the shoe.
  11. Embroidery on leather, textile or felt. Such decor can be used in ethno, casual and sportswear. Here, too, everything depends on the subject of embroidery.

Business style implies a minimum amount of any jewelry. Classic white boots without fringe, tassels, prints, lace and other decor can be safely put on work where there is a dress code. Only small buckles or chains are permissible.

Creating a stylish look

When wondering what to wear with white boots, it is important to consider the presence of any other white part: clothing or accessory. It can be a blouse, blouse, jacket, skirt, trousers, shorts, bag, bracelet, earrings, scarf, from winter options – a fur coat or sheepskin coat. Girls can create the so-called image of the Snow Maiden, wearing, for example, white boots with the same color dress and accessories. It should be noted that more and more brides choose light openwork boots as wedding shoes. They are perfectly combined with any style of dress, and the decor in the form of ribbons, rhinestones, pearl beads will be a successful complement to the image. Such a model is also suitable for less solemn events: going to a club or to a party.

Some stylish outfits:

  1. Black breeches, a dark shirt, a white jacket – a classic of the genre, appropriate for both office and date.
  2. A red dress of any style, above the knee length – an elegant, bright tandem in the style of urban glamor.
  3. Skinny blue jeans, a jacket in the same color palette, a white jumper or golf are a great option for every day.
  4. Wide pants of a classic cut from wool, a cozy sweater, an elegant cashmere coat and high heel boots are a stylish look for the cold season.

White uggs or moon rovers, flat-bottomed models with wide fur trim will be excellent companions for puffer jackets and sheepskin coats. Thick cashmere sweaters and dark trousers will complement the look.

What to wear with white boots at an informal meeting with friends or on a date is with a pink or yellow dress or skirt. You can complement the image with a light handbag and bright jewelry – Barbie style is ready. Naturally, such a combination is recommended for girls under 35 years old. The older a woman becomes, the more calm, harmonious the image should be.

The best color combinations

The most popular color combinations are white with black, red and gray; they are considered classics. Light boots themselves are a bright accent, so it is not recommended to create an image in which more than three tones will be present. For every day, you can also choose clothes of pastel colors, brown, green and beige in color for such shoes. This option is optimal for working in an office where the dress code, business negotiations, as well as regular walks are respected.

Due to its versatility, white color can look organically in combination with any other shade. A small exception is to make a combination of representatives of one palette. White has cold and warm shades that together will create a faded, inexpressive image.

The evening look will be spectacular and expressive if you combine white boots with a blue, red or purple dress. These colors are perfect for women of any age, the main thing is to choose the required length of clothing.

White boots

Accessories selection

To choose the right accessories for white boots, it is enough to take into account the age and color of the clothes. It is not necessary to wear accessories of the same color to light shoes; contrasting shades are also acceptable. For example, with white boots, a blue, red, black bag and a matching scarf look stylish.

Of the jewelry, a fashionable addition will be a set of green earrings, a bracelet and a necklace. In this case, the color of clothing should always be considered. If the whole image in white boots turns out to be too pale, accessories of any contrasting colors will be appropriate here. Golden and silver jewelry (or stylish jewelry from yellow and white metal, the main thing is that it does not look cheap) will be a win-win option. If a different color is already used in the clothes, for example, a woman wears a brown dress with white boots, accessories are selected taking into account the combination of all the shades in the image.


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