Uggs with pearls: charming models for special occasions

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Ugg boots were created as shoes for work and sports, so initially the models did not have decor. They were practical, comfortable and very warm. But after the ugg boots firmly established themselves in a fashionable women’s wardrobe, designers began to use a variety of decor to decorate unpretentious boots. One of the most sophisticated options is uggs with pearls. Such shoes will appeal to fashionistas who like to stand out from the crowd.

Uggs with pearls For every taste

Designers offer fashionistas an almost unlimited selection of models. You can buy classic design uggs decorated with pearls or models with a shortened or, on the contrary, with an elongated shaft.

The decor is also diverse. For everyday wear, you can buy simple uggs, decorated with one large pearl or discreet pattern, laid out of beads. But if you want to buy a model that will instantly attract the views of others, then you can choose boots in which the entire surface or only the top is decorated with pearls.

Uggs with pearls

Most often, white uggs are embroidered with pearls. But this is not at all necessary. Black uggs decorated with white and black pearls will look very unusual and elegant.

An even more elegant option is uggs with pearls and rhinestones. The combination of mother-of-pearl sparkle of pearls and the radiance of faceted rhinestones literally mesmerizes with its beauty.


When to wear?


Of course, uggs with pearls and stones can not be attributed to everyday models. Shoes are certainly elegant, and purchased for a special occasion. This model is perfect for an informal party, to which most guests come in jeans. This is a great option for shoes for the holidays, which take place in the winter in the fresh air.

Some girls purchase ugg boots embroidered with pearls as wedding shoes. Of course, at a traditional wedding, such a model would be inappropriate, but if a fun theme party is planned, then the bride in pearl uggs will make a splash. You can put shoes and bridesmaids in similar models of boots.

What to wear Uggs with pearls?

When composing an ensemble, you need to remember the feeling of moderation. An ensemble can only have one catchy detail. And if uggs embroidered with a large number of pearls are chosen, then the rest of the ensemble objects should be neutral.

Everyday looks

Ugg boots decorated with a single pearl or a modest ornament made of pearls and stones are suitable for everyday looks. These boots can be safely combined with skinny jeans or leggings. You can wear any models of trousers, provided that they have narrow or narrowed down legs. Pants are best to choose plain, as the main emphasis in this ensemble is on shoes.

The top of the ensemble should also be simple and discreet. A loose sweater or simple tunic is perfect. Resist the temptation to choose a sweater decorated with pearls.

You can wear uggs with pearls and feminine clothing. It can be a skirt or dress, you just need to choose the right model. Short models, 5-15 cm above the knees, are ideal. Skirts are desirable to choose flared or pleated. Stylists recommend combining uggs with dresses made of heavy fabrics (wool, tweed) or knitted. Dresses should have a straight free silhouette or a trapeze shape. A sweater dress looks harmonious with sheepskin boots.


Holiday images

Of course, uggs embroidered with pearls look elegant, however, this does not mean that they are an element of evening fashion. Do not wear these shoes, not only for classic evening toilets, but also for short cocktail dresses. Do not forget that these are casual shoes, so they look good only with things of the corresponding style.

When going to a party, you need to follow the same rules as when drawing up everyday images. The main element of the ensemble should be shoes embroidered with pearls, so there should not be too catchy elements in the ensemble. But if in the preparation of everyday ensembles, it is desirable to choose clothes of neutral colors (black, gray, beige), then when creating holiday images, you can use brighter colors.

For example, you can wear a bright sweater in combination with black or navy blue jeans, and black uggs decorated with pearl patterns.

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Wedding images

Of course, the bride is unlikely to decide to spend the whole holiday in uggs. These shoes are purchased for a walk if the celebration takes place in the cold season. And for the solemn part of the event and the banquet, the bride can prepare shoes or sandals.

For the wedding, brides choose, as a rule, white models, the entire surface of which is embroidered with pearls and rhinestones. These boots will ideally look with a short wedding dress of a simple cut. But classic wedding dresses of the princess or mermaid style should not be worn even with the most beautiful ugg boots.


The most famous version of sheepskin boots decorated with pearls is a model from the Chanel brand. This is a classic version of sheepskin boots, in which the entire surface or only the front part is embroidered with pearls of different sizes. A recognizable detail is a contrasting brand symbol laid out on a shaft of black pearls.

Charming models decorated with rhinestones and pearls lined with intricate patterns can be seen in the collections of the famous designer Jimmy Choo.



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