Uggs boots with Rhinestones: An elegant decoration of your legs

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If you look at the fashion trends of the season, then what will we see? Firstly, it is an abundance of uggs boots with  rhinestones. They very confidently conquered the catwalks, sitting almost on all wardrobe items and accessories.

Uggs boots with Rhinestones: An elegant decoration of your legs

Uggs boots with rhinestones

Secondly, it is not the first season at the peak of fashion are ugg boots – very comfortable and practical shoes with a low stroke, which at the same time does not interfere with creating interesting and very original images. In the new season, designers decided to combine these two fashion trends, and the result exceeded all expectations. uggs boots with  rhinestones not only attracted the attention of fashionistas, but became a real hit!

Traditional Australian Sheepskin Ugg thanks to UGG Australia, they conquered the whole world long ago. Today, many companies are engaged in their production, and fashion houses for several seasons have been included in their new collections. But who said that comfortable, warm and practical shoes cannot be beautiful either? In winter, there is not enough bright colors and shine, so fashionable uggs with rhinestones can be an ideal solution for everyday bow and evening out.

You can also wear leggings with leggings, complementing the ensemble with a long sweater or tunic.

Why wear uggs boots with  rhinestones?

The appearance on the catwalk of models, decorated with rhinestones aroused interest, but not all fashionistas immediately decided to replenish their wardrobe with such a pair. In most cases, this restraint is associated with some uncertainty and the question that arose about what to wear such bright ugg boots with and would they be appropriate for everyday life? In fact, doubts and fears in this case are completely unfounded. There are many variations of bows in which uggs with rhinestones fit perfectly, and at the same time you will look stylish and fashionable, but not in any way defiant or vulgar.

It should be noted right away that fashion designers offer us a wide selection of designer designs for such shoes. Therefore, you can choose and truly bright models literally strewn with stones, and more restrained models, where the pictures of rhinestones look very gentle and elegant, adding a twist, without overshadowing the general idea of ​​the bow. So we reject the stereotype that rhinestones are more likely an attribute of “glamorous girls” right away! Fashionable uggs boots with  rhinestones are primarily beautiful, feminine, elegant and festive. Well, it’s not worth mentioning the convenience and practicality of such shoes anymore – this is a recognized fact.

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But back to the question, what can wear uggs with rhinestones? Consider some examples of original bows.

Uggs boots with Rhinestones

Ugg boots with rhinestones – what should be the outerwear?

The first recommendation when combined with outerwear is its length should not be below the knees. As for the models and material, this is a great choice, which means that in your wardrobe there will probably already be a suitable thing.

All “fluffy” options are only welcome – fur coats, vests and stuff. A fashionable long jacket or down jacket is also great. The only caveat is that it is not recommended to combine uggs with rhinestones with down jackets and jackets in a pronounced sports style, that is, it should not be a jacket from a sportswear store with the logo of a famous sports brand. In this combination, ugg boots, studded with rhinestones, will look rather absurd.

Uggs boots with Rhinestones

Rugged Uggs – Jeans? Leggings? Skirts?

Jeans are not only fashionable, but also very practical clothes, so the question of how much they fit with such a model of ugg boots is very relevant. The answer is – they fit if you chose skinny jeans! And in trendy “boyfriends” with uggs in rhinestones it is better not to wear.

As for leggings, in this case only monophonic, preferably black and opaque, models will be appropriate. Dense opaque tights also look great with these warm boots.

And do not even doubt the expense of skirts – both short and long skirts will look great in a bow. And not to freeze in the winter in a short skirt will help the most dense tights, which we have already mentioned above. A cropped natural fur coat, a short skirt, warm dense tights and uggs in rhinestones are a great casual bow this winter.

Ugg boots with rhinestones – with dresses?

Ugg boots of all types are perfectly combined with dresses! And models with rhinestones will be even more appropriate and emphasize femininity. But since rhinestones are already quite a bright element, it is recommended to choose a dress in calmer colors and a simple cut. The same selection principle applies to skirts.

Uggs boots with rhinestones and a selection of accessories

Despite the fashion of the season for massive necklaces and other jewelry, in this case, such a choice will overload the bow. Therefore, it is better to stay on a long string of beads not very large in size or top with a graceful brooch. A bracelet is a perfectly acceptable option, but avoid being too massive.

These are the main recommendations, but today fashion designers provide us with a huge field for experiments. In fashion, the principle “combine incongruous”, and this makes it possible to create unique bows and be original even in the company of sophisticated fashionistas and fashionistas.

Knowing the love of true fans of the fashion industry for exclusivity, some companies already today offer a very interesting service for individual tailoring of ugg with rhinestones. Therefore, if you suddenly did not find the perfect model for yourself, or, conversely, you liked the individual elements and design ideas of several at once, then you can turn to such a service and order your dream shoes.

Uggs with rhinestones – an elegant decoration of your legs

Gems have long been used to decorate clothing and accessories. However, only affluent fashionable women could afford to appear “in all their splendor”. With the invention of rhinestones, everyone was given the opportunity to decorate their clothes with radiant decor. Nowadays, rhinestones are used to decorate almost any wardrobe elements. Often, brilliant decor is used to design shoes, and not only stilettos, but also rude sheepskin boots. In the arsenal of many fashionistas there are uggs with rhinestones, such shoes look glamorous and elegant.

Uggs boots with Rhinestones

Can practical shoes be smart?

Why fashionistas are so fond of ugg boots? Naturally, for the convenience. Walking in high-quality uggs is just as comfortable as in home slippers. But shoes that are comfortable to wear may well look elegant. Soft boots embroidered with shiny rhinestones look very original, because shining rhinestones can make any thing beautiful.

Variety of options

How to choose the right female ugg with rhinestones? At the first stage, you should study your wardrobe, and decide what you will wear the new model with. This will help determine the choice of model and color of boots.


First, you should decide on the style of boots.

There are three options for boots:

  • high – to the level of the knee;
  • medium to mid-calf;
  • shortened barely covering the ankle.

When choosing an option focus not only on your own taste, but also on the shape of the legs. Fashionable women with full calves prefer tall varieties of boots, but girls with thin legs are better off buying short uggs with rhinestones. In long boots, a thin leg will look like a pencil in a glass.


Next, you will need to choose the right color. The most universal option, of course, are black uggs with rhinestones. These boots fit perfectly into most winter ensembles.

White uggs with rhinestones are a spectacular model, but such boots are not very practical, so you should not choose them for everyday wear. A festive option is pink uggs with rhinestones, such shoes are ideal for creating a delicate feminine image.

It’s better to buy brown or beige shoes for every day, but you can also choose the color option if it harmoniously matches the color scheme of your wardrobe.


Uggs boots with rhinestones can look both quite restrained and very catchy. Everything will depend on the design. So, if a small amount of rhinestones was used to decorate the boots (for example, a modest pattern on the shaft can be laid out with rhinestones), then the model can be recommended for wearing with casual clothes. If the entire surface of the boots is covered with brilliant decor, then this pair of shoes is more suitable for a special occasion, for example, to celebrate the new year in the country.

The boots are decorated not only with rhinestones, the decor is complemented by other decorations. For example, embroidery, beads, sequins.

Since ugg boots are worn mainly in winter, fur is often used to decorate models. Ugg boots with rhinestones and fur look original and beautiful, therefore these shoes are usually used “on the way out”. Such catchy and beautiful models are not too suitable for going to the supermarket for groceries.

What to combine with?

The shining transparent stones used to decorate soft sheepskin boots are quite a catchy decor. Therefore, when composing ensembles, it is ugg boots that should become the only bright element. When choosing clothes and additional elements of the image, make sure that the ensemble does not have any large elements decorated with rhinestones.

With what to combine fashionable boots decorated with rhinestones? The most popular combination is uggs and skinny or straight jeans. The legs of narrow models are simply tucked inside the boots. Skinny jeans can be worn with uggs of any style.

Straight jeans should only be worn with cropped boots. At the same time, the trousers are either tucked up so that they touch the edge of the shoe, or they are collected on top of the boot in an “accordion”.

The top of the ensemble with uggs and jeans can be represented by a sweater, sports jacket, jacket or short tanned coat. Knitted hats and long scarves, knitted or leather gloves, stoles will complement the bow.

You can also wear leggings with leggings, complementing the ensemble with a long sweater or tunic.

If a fashionista decides to wear a skirt or dress, then she should give preference to short models, the maximum length is up to the knee. Wearing uggs with midi skirts is not recommended.

How to avoid the visual effect of short legs?

The wide leg of the sheepskin boots visually “cuts” the silhouette, so the legs of the girl, shod in ugg boots, seem shorter. To avoid an undesirable visual effect, stylists recommend wearing uggs with leggings or tight tights to match the color of boots. In this case, the “dividing line” of the leg will be less noticeable.

In addition, in order to make the legs seem longer, it is worth choosing boots in which rhinestones are arranged in vertical rows. It is also not out of place to emphasize the waist with a wide belt, this technique visually lengthens the legs, but it will not work for girls with an oval or rectangle-like physique.

How to decorate ugg boots with rhinestones?

Nowadays, piecework is appreciated, so fashionistas who would like to have exclusive boots should decorate them with rhinestones on their own.

To turn ordinary uggs into glamorous boots, you need to cook:

  • rhinestones in the required amount (the amount depends on the intended decor);
  • marking tools – a ruler, pencil or tailor’s chalk for marking;
  • thin brush;
  • masking tape;
  • glue for the skin.

When choosing glue, give preference to a composition that, after drying, remains transparent, otherwise, the finished decor will look messy.

Uggs boots with Rhinestones

First of all, you need to select the desired pattern and make stencils. To perform this operation, you can use a thick film or thin cardboard. Using a stencil, the pattern is transferred to the surface of the boot, and then it is necessary to carefully glue the made pattern with masking tape so as not to stain with glue those parts of the boot on which the decor is not supposed to be mounted.

Next, glue is applied with the brush in the designated places of the boot. This layer is a primer, so you need to let it dry, you can use a hairdryer to make the drying process faster.

Now you can start decorating. Glue with a brush is applied to the back (flat) part of the rhinestone and to the surface of the boot, then the rhinestones are fixed in place, slightly pressing them. Spread along the contour of the conceived figure from the edges to the center.

After completion of work it is necessary to allow glue to dry. The full drying time is indicated in the instructions. Please note that carries out the work of decorating and drying boots at room temperature, in the cold glue may not “seize”.


You can see uggs decorated with placers of crystals in the collections of almost all manufacturers. Including in the collections of the “ancestor” of this type of shoe company “UGG Australia. In addition, soft sheepskin boots decorated with rhinestones are often found in the collections of the Jimmy Choo and Maylin brands.


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