Thick soled ugg boots perfect for cold winters

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Many girls love to wear ugg boots in the winter. The popularity of these shoes is simply explained – they are very comfortable and perfectly warm in frosty weather. The only thing that can cause criticism in the classical model is the sole, which does not correspond much to the realities of our winter. Therefore, thick soled ugg boots began to appear on sale. And these shoes are the perfect option for winter shoes.

Classic version of Thick soled ugg boots

The traditional sheepskin boot has a flat sole made of foamed polyurethane. The sole has a characteristic pattern and the inscription UGG in the center, the toe and the heel of the sole are smooth.

Thick soled ugg boots

The thickness of such a sole in branded models is about 13 mm, and for products of other brands the sole may be even thinner. Many fashionistas have doubts whether such a sole can withstand operation in our conditions? Of course, a sheepskin insole will help warm the legs, but walking on ice and snow in boots with such a sole is not very convenient.

Thick sole

Those who doubt that the classic version of the sole is suitable for a harsh winter should pay attention to the uggs on a thick corrugated sole.

Benefits of this option:

  • excellent thermal insulation, thick sole retains heat much better;
  • anti-slip properties, the presence of the relief will allow you to feel confident even on the icy sidewalk.

A thick sole will prevent water from entering the upper part of the shoe if a thaw unexpectedly occurs and it becomes slushy on the street. This means that they will remain dry, and natural suede will not suffer from moisture on it.

Thick soled ugg boots

The thick sole, like the traditional version, is made of polymeric materials. It can be flat or thicken slightly to the back, slightly lifting the heel. But in any case, the sole should be quite flexible and elastic, only in this case, the uggs will be comfortable to wear.


Top decoration

The upper part of the sheepskin boots can be any. These can be classically uggs up to the middle of the calf or models of non-standard length (shortened or elongated). For the manufacture of fashionable models, manufacturers use not only natural suede, but also leather. Cheaper, but less warm and durable option – ugg from artificial materials.

You may prefer simple ugg boots without any additional decor or choose an option with fur. For decoration, a sheepskin edge or luxurious fur cuffs made of fox or raccoon fur can be used. Elegant ugg boots with a thick sole look very impressive. Models can be decorated with rhinestones or sequins or decorated with embroidery.

The colors of sheepskin boots with thick soles are varied. Black uggs are considered to be classic colors, as well as models of various shades of brown – from beige to dark chocolate. White sheepskin boots look spectacular, but this is not the most practical option for shoes for everyday wear. Lovers of bright can choose colored uggs, there are models of all colors and shades on sale. You can even find printed models.

The sole can be painted in the color of shoes or be contrasted. For example, black boots with a thick white sole look spectacular. In addition, a bright edging can be used as decoration, separating the upper part of the boots from the sole.

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What to combine with?

Stylists recommend wearing ugg boots on thick, grooved soles with casual clothing. The most successful combination is the combination of this shoe with trousers, jeans, juggins or leggings. The main requirement for choosing a trouser model is a narrow cut. Legs should fit tightly on the leg so that they can be easily tucked into the bootleg.

Only cropped uggs are permissible to wear with straight cut trousers or jeans. In this case, the trouser legs should not be tucked in; they are either tucked up or assembled above the shaft surface with an “accordion”

The top of the ensemble should be free enough and have a simple shape. A loose sweater or tunic is perfect. But feminine silk blouses with frills and ruffles or strict office shirts should be put aside for now, they will not fit into the ensemble with ugg boots.

Outerwear should also be casual. That is, mink coats up to a knee and below, as well as classic coats in this case will not work. But a variety of jackets – down jackets, quilted, leather models – work great.

Those girls who prefer to wear a coat should pick up a short model of loose fit to the ensemble with uggs with thick soles. You can wear these shoes with a fur jacket or short fur coat, but the model should not be tight.

It is important to learn how to choose the right accessories. Long leather gloves or wide-brimmed hats in combination with sheepskin boots with thick soles will look ridiculous. But knitted hats and berets, voluminous scarves, knitted mittens or mittens are a great choice. The bag is also worth choosing a volumetric one, it can be a backpack or a bag in the shape of a sack. But business briefcases or feminine clutches will not fit into such ensembles.


Thick soled ugg boots are offered by many brands. Such shoes are found in the collections of well-known brands, for example, UGG Australia or Jimmy Choo. You can buy thick-soled uggs and more affordable brands. Many interesting models are offered by the brands Keddo, Renda, Canadians, etc.



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