Silver uggs boots: charm and style in every look

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Some fashionistas are dismissive of such a variety of shoes as ugg boots, considering them rude and ridiculous. But even inveterate skeptics can change their minds if they see silver uggs. Nobody will call such boots inconspicuous and unstable.

What are Silver uggs boots?

In frosty weather, you need to think not only about the elegance of your image, but also the comfort of your legs, which must be kept warm. To provide the greatest comfort to the legs, high-quality ugg boots can.

Silver uggs boots

Until relatively recently, this type of shoe was considered rough and completely unsuitable for creating cute and feminine images. After all, these boots in a classic version do not differ in grace. But over time, in addition to the classic version of “Australian boots”, elegant models appear on the sale of steel. One option is silver uggs. What could be such feminine boots?


The classic material for making this variety of shoes is natural sheepskin. Boots are cut with fur inside, that is, the outer surface is suede. But since this option is not very practical (suede does not tolerate contact with moisture), designers began to use other options for materials.

A very popular option – dousing silver uggs. This version of sheepskin shoes is made, the surface of which is treated with special impregnation. As a result of this treatment, the surface of the boots acquires water-repellent properties.

Another option is leather silver uggs. Such boots, unlike the classic ones, are two-layer. The top layer is the skin inner fur lining of their sheepskin. The color of the boots becomes due to the spraying. Silver spraying gives the material a shimmering shine.


The traditional version of the sole is a flat (1.2-1.5 cm high) sole made of polyurethane. However, there are other options. For example, silver uggs on the platform are a very fashionable option. Such boots not only look stylish, but also better protect against the cold, as the high platform acts as an additional “heat insulator”.

On sale there are such original options as silver uggs on a wedge. This version of shoes is very popular among girls of short stature.


Silver uggs can have three lengths:

Silver uggs boots

  • Classic. In this case, the bootleg reaches the middle of the calf. This option is not too suitable for girls who have too full or, on the contrary, too thin calves.
  • Shortened. This length option is considered universal, it suits everyone without exception. The ankle in this case reaches the ankle.

  • Elongated. These boots reach the level of the knee. Made in silver, they are very effective, but are more suitable for long-legged girls.


The boots look elegant and without additional decor, however, you can choose options with decorations. Classic decor options:

  • Button. A large button on the side of the bootleg. Models with a button are very convenient, as they allow you to adjust the width of the shaft. The number of buttons depends on the height of the shaft. One button is sewn on short and classic uggs, three pieces on high. The button can be made of different materials – bone, metal, plastic.
  • Bow or Ribbon. Another classic decor option is a bow on the side or back of the shaft. This decoration looks feminine and cute. Sometimes the bootleg is decorated with laces, in which satin ribbons are used instead of bows in the primary color of the boots (silver) or contrasting.

  • Sequins. Ugg boots look very elegant, the entire surface of which is covered with silver sequins.
  • Fur Edge. Fur is often used to decorate sheepskin boots. Silver uggs with a white fur edge look especially elegant.

What to combine with?


The question is, what to wear silver uggs with? On the one hand, these are casual shoes. On the other hand, shiny boots look too elegant for a casual look.

Stylists recommend wearing silver uggs with free-style clothing. Despite the brilliant appearance, these shoes do not fit into the evening looks. Clothing should be selected depending on where you plan to go.

So, if you create a casual look, then clothing for silver ugg boots should choose discreet, neutral colors and without bright, noticeable details. If you plan to wear shoes for an informal youth party, you can wear jeans or a silver embroidered sweater with silver uggs. But make sure that there is not too much “sparkle”. Otherwise, the image will be vulgar.



Jeans are the best “companion” to wear with sheepskin boots, provided that the model has a narrower cut, that is, the legs can be easily tucked inside the bootleg. Black or navy blue jeans will look especially impressive with silver uggs. The top of the ensemble can be represented by a loose sweater or tunic.

For example, you can wear silver uggs complete with narrow black skinny and an elongated cream-colored sweater. The ensemble will be complemented by a knitted beige hat.

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Feminine clothes

Silver uggs in combination with a skirt is a rather risky, but stylish option. The skirt should be chosen short, the pleated, half-sun, bell, six-link models are ideal.

You can wear silver uggs and in a set for the dress, the model should be above the knee and have a free form. Uggs with short denim dresses or sarafans or outfits made in folk style will look good. Looks great with sheepskin boots knitted dresses of simple shape. Do not wear uggs with feminine models of dresses made of flying fabrics, and business style clothes do not look with these shoes.

For example, you can wear silver uggs in a set with a straight silhouette dress made of asphalt shade just above the knee. Black tight tights, a plaid black and white straight loose coat a little shorter than the dress, and a black bag with silver metal fittings will suit this ensemble.


Silver ugg boots look good with short down jackets and quilted insulated jackets. You can combine them with a shortened coat or short fur coat of a youth style made of artificial or natural fur. But under a mink coat of traditional length or under a classic coat, these shoes are not worth wearing.

Accessories need to choose a free style, knitted hats and scarves, bulk bags and backpacks look good.


Silver uggs boots can be found in the collections of most famous brands. For example, the most famous brand of sheepskin boots UGG Australia offers boots from the Short Sparkles series – this is a classic model whose surface is completely embroidered with silver sequins. A less eye-catching option is the Bailey Button Metallic, a traditional-length model made of silver-plated doused suede. The model’s decoration is a large bone button and a snow-white edge from a sheepskin.


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