Short ugg boots with fur: A universal model for winter

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Winter shoes should be warm but light. Our ancestors believed that the best shoes for winter are ugg boots with fur. And relatively recently, the Australian “analogue” of  felt boots came into fashion – boots made of natural sheepskin, which received the funny name “uggs”.

Initially, the ugg boots with fur looked rather ugly, they were just rough boots made of sheepskin. But after the boots became fashionable, designers began to create a wide variety of models. However, from the whole variety, the most elegant and beautiful are short uggs with fur.

Versatile and fashionable

Classic uggs up to the middle of the calf are not for all girls. Low fashionistas, as well as owners of wide calves, should better avoid this shoe. But short ugg boots – universal shoes, it goes to everyone without exception.

Short ugg boots with fur

They appreciate short ugg boots for their incomparable convenience, which is why these shoes are often chosen by girls who lead an active lifestyle. Inside the boots there is soft and very warm fur, so the legs do not freeze and do not feel discomfort.

Since the boots are made of natural “breathing” material, their legs will always be dry, even if you spend part of the day in a well-heated room.

Material of ugg boots with fur

Classic suede ugg boots are good for everyone, except for one thing – suede does not tolerate contact with moisture very well. Therefore, such shoes are recommended to be worn exclusively in dry weather.

But recently appeared ugg boots made of over-water suede are deprived of this drawback. They are also made of sheepskin, but their surface is coated with a special composition that gives the shoe the ability to repel water. You can recognize doused ugg boots at a glance, their surface is smooth and glossy. You can also find leather uggs on sale, this type of shoe is practical. In essence, these are just leather sheepskin-lined boots.

For the decoration of boots using different versions of fur, but the most attractive looks trimmed with long-fur. For example, the most popular option is short uggs with fox fur. A wide fur trim is sewn along the top edge of the bootleg. For decoration can be applied fur red or black-brown fox.

No less beautiful are short uggs with raccoon fur. This type of fur is distinguished by its long awn, silkiness and attractive colors. The fur edge can be dyed, but valuable natural fur is often left in its natural form.

Less elegant, but short uggs with sheepskin lapels are very practical.. Usually, in such models the lapels can be raised, thereby increasing the height of the shaft. These shoes are especially suitable for relaxing in the countryside. If you walk along cleared paths, then the lapels can be lowered down. And if you suddenly need to go through the snowy “virgin soil”, then the lapels should be raised so as not to collect snow in boots.

Colors and finishes

Short uggs with a fur edge are produced in a wide range of colors. Classic models – black, brown, navy blue. They are well suited for everyday wear, as these colors combine well with clothes of different colors.

If you plan to buy smart boots, then you should choose white uggs or models of pastel colors. Such shoes decorated with fur look very attractive. Ladies who like to attract attention will prefer bright models, for example, red or bright blue uggs.

As a rule, short ugg boots with fur do not need additional decor, as the decoration is the fur edge. However, there are models decorated with straps, buckles, bows. Particularly elegant look uggs with fur, decorated with rhinestones.

Rules for creating stylish ensembles

Not all fashionistas know what to wear ugg boots with to make the ensemble harmonious and stylish. The most important rule that fashionistas need to remember is that ugg boots are combined only with casual clothing. Therefore, even the most elegant uggs decorated with rhinestones or sequins cannot be worn with an evening or cocktail dress.

It is strongly not recommended to wear ugg boots in a kit with a classic fur coat. These shoes will look much better with a down jacket or jacket. You can wear uggs with a shortened sheepskin coat or a loose-fitting short coat.

If you choose a model with a wide fur trim, then do not wear boots with a fur coat or fur vest. It will be a bust. But there is on the jacket or sheepskin coat there is a collar or hem of the hood made of fur, which is decorated with shoes, the ensemble will look harmonious.

ugg boots with fur

It is best to wear short uggs with fur trim with skinny jeans, they are worn with their legs tucked inside. Straight and flared jeans with such shoes will not look. Instead of jeans, you can wear warm leggings or leggings.

You can wear short uggs with a skirt, but it must be above the knee. Best of all, uggs are combined with skirts made of thick knitwear or denim sewn in the shape of a trapeze.

Complement the ensembles with a sweater, sweater, sweatshirt or other casual clothing.


The most famous brand producing ugg boots is, of course, UGG Australia. Products of this brand are of the highest quality; exclusively natural materials are used for their manufacture.

Short uggs with fox fur in the collections of the brand are presented in two versions – suede and upholstery. A wide border of fluffy fur along the upper edge of the shaft was used to decorate the models.

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Products made of artificial materials have a more affordable cost, but they are not so warm and durable. Uggs made of artificial materials are presented in a wide variety. For example, cute ugg boots from faux suede from the Befree brand have a wide lapel made of faux fur and an additional decoration in the form of a flirty bow. And Dino Ricci Trend uggs are made of quilted faux leather, which gives them an unusual look, we use faux fur for decoration. KEDDO models are made from a combination of materials, the boots themselves are sewn from faux suede, and natural fox and rabbit fur is used for decoration.

How to wear ugg boots with fur

Despite the fact that for the first time ugg boots appeared more than a dozen years ago, today these funny boots with fur tirelessly continue to occupy a leading position among the novelties of shoe collections. Designers have developed a huge number of models of fur shoes with various ornaments and various inserts, so that ugg boots can be combined with any way, regardless of the season or weather.

How to choose outerwear for uggs with fur

Natural sheepskin boots are universal, so they can be worn with almost any clothing in everyday life or combined with a certain style. However, professional masters of world fashion still argue that in order to create a harmonious image, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules for combining fur shoes with outerwear.

ATTENTION! Uggs with fur in no way combined with classic clothes, as well as long sheepskin coats or mink coats, even if they are decorated with sequins or appropriate accessories.

An ideal option for ugg boots with fur inserts is a down jacket or a sports jacket. Also considered is an option such as a flyer coat, casual models or a poncho. For a more romantic look, uggs can be combined with short short fur coats or vests with a length not lower than the hips. A great addition to the boots will be a fur hat and outerwear with the presence on the hood or collar of the same fur that decorated the shoes.

IMPORTANT! You should not wear a short fur coat or a fur vest under the uggs with a wide fur lapel, as this option may indicate an excess of fur in the image.

Many designers recommend not being afraid to experiment, choosing outerwear, accessories and shoes of different styles. This is how you can demonstrate your own style and mood.

What is more convenient to wear ugg boots with fur

Short or long models with fur cuffs can be safely combined with trousers, skirts, dresses or shorts.

Trousers. According to world stylists, the winning option in this case is straight-cut trousers or jeans, tapered down, most often “skinny”, which can be easily tucked inside. Warm leggings or leather leggings are also great.

ATTENTION! Flared models are not designed for such shoes, since they do not dress in the boot, which means that they cover all the beauty of the outer part of the ugg.

Dresses, skirts. When choosing a dress or skirt for fur uggs, you should not opt ​​for models below the knee. With such shoes, outfits of a narrow or straight cut are perfectly combined, and skirts in the form of a trapeze are also suitable.

Shorts. Oddly enough, short corduroy, denim or leather shorts can be an excellent alternative to a skirt. This option is no less practical and comfortable, and also goes well with any style.

REFERENCE! To emphasize the beauty and sophistication of shoes with a furry, do not combine it with bright clothes.

Tips on how to wear fur uggs

Boots with fur should be selected in accordance with the dominant colors of the image to which the shoes are chosen. The most popular and universal are ugg boots of white and black color. They can be combined with almost any style and cut of clothing. It is also important to choose the right shoes for the color of hair and skin. Red-haired girls are ideally suited for beige uggs, blondes can safely shoe brown boots, but brunettes and brown-haired women can experiment with shades such as blue, black, gray, etc.

ATTENTION! Putting on uggs of bright colors, it is necessary to combine them with any element of the bow (scarf, sweater), while the rest of the clothes should have a neutral color.

Fur uggs go well with a backpack, clutch or a bulk bag. You can also diversify the image with a knitted or fur hat and a large scarf. Sheepskin gloves are a great addition to boots with a hem.

REFERENCE! Tights for uggs should be chosen either monophonic or with patterns, the color of which matches the boots or clothes.

Shortened models of fur shoes are suitable for any figure and height, while elongated ugg boots are designed for tall girls.


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