Leather uggs: The choice of practical fashionista

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Classic ugg boots are made from natural sheepskin and are suede models. Such shoes are extremely comfortable to wear and perfectly warm their feet in any frost. However, leather uggs is a material that is recommended to be worn only in dry weather.

Leather uggs: The choice of practical fashionista

And if “porridge” of water and snow is under your feet, then suede boots will not protect from dampness, and they themselves may become worthless, because suede is a rather “moody” material. But today, even during the thaw, there is no need to refuse to wear comfortable shoes, since on sale you can find not only suede leather but also leather uggs.

What are they?

Before you buy a new model of shoes, it is worth getting acquainted with the range that manufacturers offer. Leather women’s ugg boots can be:

Leather uggs

  • Pouring. These are classic sheepskin uggs, the difference is a special surface treatment. Thanks to the coating with a special composition, the surface acquires water-repellent properties. Outwardly, the boots are similar to leather, but, in fact, they are not.
  • Leather. These are products that are made not from sheepskin, but from calfskin. With classic uggs, these shoes are united by the presence of a flat sole and the shape of boots. Leather models have a fur lining, which can be made of natural or artificial fur.

There are also models made of artificial materials that are on sale, this is a budget option for boots, but such shoes are not durable, since artificial leather uggs quickly lose shape.

Leather or sheepskin uggs can have different heights. The most popular option is short leather uggs. These are models that cover the ankle. There are also boots up to the middle of the calf, as well as tall models that reach the knee line.

You can often see on sale leather uggs with fur. The fur can be used for a narrow hem, but some models have wide fur cuffs. For decoration, fur pompons are often used. In addition, various buckle straps are used for decoration. Typically, this decor is functional. Using the straps you can adjust the width of the shaft, which is especially true for fashionistas and thin legs.

You can find combined models in which the skin is combined with suede or knitwear. Knitted make, as a rule, the lapels of the model.


Classic and the most versatile option is black leather uggs. This model is ideal for most winter ensembles. Another practical option is brown leather uggs.

You can choose light boots. For example, white, beige or pink. The choice of colors depends on the color scheme of the clothes with which it is planned to wear boots.

Rules for creating stylish images

We will figure out what to wear fashionable uggs with. Such models, most successfully look with skinny jeans and leggings. The top of the ensemble can be represented by a voluminous sweater with a relief pattern, sweatshirt, jacket or short sheepskin coat.

You can wear uggs with skirts or dresses, only you need to choose mini length models. With long skirts, these boots do not look.

Uggi is an insidious model, as it visually shortens the legs. Fashionistas who do not differ in the model parameters of the figure need to carefully select clothes.

So, stylists recommend wearing leather models with dark trousers, leggings or tights. But contrasting combinations should be avoided. The same rule applies to uggs of light colors. It is not necessary to choose clothes tone for tone. For example, beige uggs can be easily worn with light blue jeans, but you should not combine them with black leggings.

An original ensemble can be created by wearing leather uggs with a fur cuff at the top with leather trousers. A strip of fur in this case will give a strict image softness and femininity, however, it will also visually reduce the length of the legs. Therefore, only long-legged girls can afford such an ensemble.

Fashion Bow Examples

Here are some examples of successful bows with leather uggs:

Leather uggs: The choice of practical fashionista

  • Black skinny jeans, a white knit sweater with braids and an olive-colored parka with a furry hem on the hood will make up a stylish ensemble. Complement it with dark brown leather uggs, a brown tote bag and a long knitted caramel scarf.
  • You can get a romantic look if you wear light blue jeans complete with a sky-blue sweatshirt with black trim. We complement the ensemble with leather blue short uggs and a light blue bag with black trim. The finishing touch is a black leather jacket.

  • Another light bow option is to wear blue skinny jeans with a cream sweater and light beige short leather uggs. The ensemble will be complemented by a beige bag, a white parka and a white knitted hat with a fox fur pompom.
  • Black and blue look: put on a short mini skirt with tight black tights and black leather uggs up to the middle of the game. We complement our ensemble with a bright blue sweater and a black straight cropped coat and a blue clutch on a long chain strap.

Ugg boots, including those made of leather, quickly lose their attractiveness if they are not properly taken care of. To preserve the presentable appearance of your shoes, it is worth remembering a few rules.

At first, ugg boots must be bought strictly in size. You do not need to take boots half the size more, planning then to wear them on a thick toe. Since the boots are very warm, many begin to wear them without a sock. As a result, the back of the leather model will quickly become worthless. And your fashionable boots will become like worn boots.

SecondlyBefore going out for the first time, treat your shoes with a water-repellent leather compound. This coating will protect the boots not only from moisture, but also from the negative effects of the reagents used to sprinkle the roads.

ThirdlyNever leave your shoes dirty. Carefully clean the boots from dirt and cover with a cream that is selected for a specific skin type. If the shoes are wet, you need to dry them at room temperature by inserting special inserts (or at least crumpled paper) inside to prevent deformation.

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Leather models can be found in the collections of different brands. So, similar models can be seen in the collections of UGG Australia. This company is a pioneer in the production of sheepskin boots, however, brand designers do not always adhere to classical canons. However, UGG Australia offers mainly “upholstered” models of classic colors, while in the collections of other brands you can also see uggs made of genuine leather. For example, the uggs presented by the Vitacci trademark are made of genuine leather of silver color, the model is decorated with a white fur trim.

Many leather models in the collections presented by Jimmy Choo. The designer offers fashionable women short models with a metallic effect, decorated with large crystals.

Leather uggs – the most fashionable and stylish models for every taste

Unusually widespread, leather uggs attract girls and women with their stylish and original appearance and incredible convenience. Although for some fashionistas these products seem too simple and somewhat rude, other young ladies consider them cute and charming.

Women’s leather uggs

Universal uggs made of genuine leather are suitable for absolutely any situation. Mostly these products are used for everyday wear, including walking with friends and going to the store, however, if you wish, you can wear them for a romantic date or a club party. Unlike similar sheepskin models, this shoe has several advantages, such as:

  • do not deform due to adverse weather conditions;
  • perfectly warm and reliably retain heat;
  • very easy to wash and for a long time keep a beautiful and neat appearance;
  • go well with any items of women’s wardrobe;
  • presented in an unusually wide range and can be decorated with a wide variety of elements, including metal rivets, spikes and so on.

Leather ugg boots with fur

Women’s leather uggs with fur look elegant, delicate and romantic. Thanks to its luxurious and sophisticated finish, this shoe goes well with any kind of coat, jacket and fur coat. Even fans of the classical style are happy to wear such products, since they harmonize well with dresses, skirts and trousers of any style and color. Meanwhile, leather uggs with fur do not tolerate dirty and slushy weather, because under such conditions they quickly lose their appearance and become untidy. For this reason, wearing such shoes is recommended to be worn only on frosty days.

Stylish leather ugg-mini, barely covering the ankle, came into fashion recently. Nevertheless, they quickly gained popularity among the fair sex, especially among those who prefer to drive a car on their own. Among all the models on sale, women’s leather ugg mini are the least warm, but have a bright and very original appearance, thanks to which women of fashion of different ages appreciate them.

High leather uggs

For residents of the northern regions, high leather uggs, which can reach almost the knee, are best suited. They perfectly protect the feet from the ingress of snow inside the shoe, warm well and keep heat very long. In addition, such products are very interesting and unusual look and can form part of the everyday, romantic and even business image.

The decor on these models of shoes may be different. So, leather uggs with a button in the upper part of the bootleg are very popular among young girls, combined options with woolen inserts, products with metal elements, lacing, bright brooches and much more. Models decorated with fur also look original, which can be located only on top or over the entire surface of the boot.

Leather uggs with chain

Fashionable leather uggs for girls are decorated in various ways. So, with modern young ladies, products with a chain, which can have a silver or golden hue, are very popular. This part is mainly located in the back of the shoe and almost always has a small size so as not to interfere with its owner during the movement. At the same time, she looks very pretty and attracts the attention of others.

In this way, you can decorate absolutely any shoe. So, pink leather uggs with a small golden chain in the back look coquettish and glamorous, and black items decorated with a thick silver chain are somewhat rude. Depending on what impression the woman wants to make in the way she created, she can choose any model and choose suitable accessories for her.

Leather uggs with rhinestones

Among the young girls, cute and flirty leather uggs with rhinestones are especially popular, which are perfect for complementing romantic images and attending club parties. As a rule, they are abundantly strewn with small shiny pebbles that shimmer in the sun and create unusually attractive highlights.

Such products can be combined with a wide variety of wardrobe items. So, richly decorated leather uggs with a skirt can become part of a striking image for a romantic date, and complete with genuine leather shorts and tight colored tights can be a fashionable look for attending a club youth party.

Fashionable leather uggs

Stylish leather uggs are produced by a huge variety of manufacturers around the world. Depending on individual preferences, each girl can purchase a simple and concise model suitable for any occasion, or a catchy and interesting option richly decorated with various elements. The cost of this shoe varies greatly and can be in a wide range – products of Chinese brands, as a rule, cost no more than $ 50, while the price of products of famous brands can reach up to $ 500.

Leather ugg boots Keddo

Keddo brand products have a democratic appearance, affordable price and relatively high quality. Mostly products of this brand are chosen by young girls who need to look stylish and attractive. Leather women’s uggs Keddo are well combined with most wardrobe items, but absolutely do not fit with the classic style.

Meanwhile, with their help you can compose a lot of interesting images for various occasions. For example, Keddo white leather uggs complete with a blue or blue denim skirt, opaque cotton tights and a stylish down jacket will make up a unique youth look in which you can safely go on a romantic date or a meeting with friends.

Leather Boots Adidas

Young girls who appreciate not only the appearance of the shoe, but also its high quality and durability, will definitely like the products of the famous brand Adidas, which are able to serve their mistress for about 3-4 seasons in a row. During this time, the products of the famous brand will practically not lose its bright and original appearance, and also will not lose its characteristics.

The vast majority of Adidas shoe models are directly related to sports style, so it is best combined with wardrobe items for sports and outdoor activities. So, black leather ugg Adidas look best with pants and jeans of various styles. In addition, such shoes should not be combined with feminine and elegant fur coats or coats; it goes well only with sports-style jackets and down jackets.

Leather Ugg Australia

For many girls, this type of shoe, like ugg boots, has always been associated with the Ugg Australia brand. Although this is far from the only brand that produces such products, its assortment presents the widest variety of models, among which each girl can choose something for herself. In addition, the products of the Australian-American brand are of high quality and incredibly stylish appearance.

Seeking to purchase original products, many young ladies are faced with counterfeiting. Unscrupulous sellers give out a low-quality fake for products of a well-known brand, as a result of which the girls are cruelly mistaken and remain disappointed. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is necessary to take into account some nuances.

So, the original leather ugg boots Australia are produced in China, so they can not be labeled “Made in Australia”, or New Zealand. The brand logo is clearly visible on the heel of the current model, while on fakes it’s hard to make out. Meanwhile, the main difference between these products is the quality of the fur.

All UGG products have high-quality thick fur, which does not emit any odor. In fakes, it is replaced by cheap synthetic substitutes. Unlike the original, this raw material is rough to the touch, has an unpleasant pungent odor and does not retain heat at all.

Leather uggs of Botteg Venet

Among the whole assortment of this type of shoes, the beautiful leather uggs of Bottega Veneta stand out clearly. Their outer surface is made in the form of “braids”, so this model looks unusually stylish and elegant. In addition, the products of this brand provide the feet with the correct orthopedic position, which minimizes the likelihood of the development of many diseases and the occurrence of uncomfortable sensations.

What to wear leather uggs with?

Since this type of shoe looks informal and even careless, it is not easy to combine with items of women’s wardrobe. So, strict and too elegant things, complete with these cute, but a little rude boots, will look ridiculous. If you combine them with items in a casual style, you can get stylish and original images.

The most common and popular combination for girls and women is a pair of leather uggs and jeans. This tandem looks simple and concise, therefore it will be appropriate in any everyday situation. In addition, such boots can work well with youth dresses, extra long shirts, and other similar things.

The selection of outerwear for this type of shoe causes particular difficulties. So, ugg boots are not recommended to be worn together with fur coats, classic coats and sheepskin coats. Meanwhile, they look great in an ensemble with a parka, a down jacket, a winter jacket of any cut, color and style, a short fur coat made of faux fur or a stylish sheepskin coat.


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