Shoes Too Tight: How to stretch shoes wider? best methods

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Sometimes it happens that after acquiring shoes at home it is found that the product is a bit cramped. The couple could come up during the fitting, but walking still feels uncomfortable. There are several proven methods on how to stretch shoes wider that is tight. Before stretching them, you should definitely study the rules of use, so as not to spoil the product.

Basic rules

It is imperative to choose the right stretching technique. The first thing to consider is the composition of the product. For example, it is easiest to expand genuine leather shoes. Extending shoes from her substitute is much more difficult. It is important to know that for varnished products with the wrong method, the surface may crack. As for rubber boots, they are not susceptible to wear.

Independently, shoes can be stretched no more than 2 cm. If it is expensive, it is better to contact professionals. They use special formulations and customize products with pads.

It happens that there is no time for going to the workshops, but I don’t want to change the already beloved couple. In this case, funds that are suitable for stretching products at home will help out perfectly. It is also worth taking advantage of specialized compounds that are in any shoe department or choosing the appropriate folk method. According to reviews, both options do their job, but you need to consider what the product is made of.

There are techniques that are not suitable for individual materials:

  1. The method of freezing negatively affects leatherette and varnished skin.
  2. The use of alcohol-containing compounds is prohibited for artificial skin – the surface will fade, stains will appear.
  3. The effect of boiling water adversely affects any synthetic material.
  4. Vaseline and other fatty compounds are not allowed for suede and velour – irreducible spots appear.

Before storing shoes, they must be washed well – clean all dirt from the surface, dry and insert into the pads or fill with paper. This will prevent the deformation of the material. You can not put shoes in bags for a long time. For this, cardboard boxes, special fabric bags are suitable.

Shoes Too Tight: How to stretch shoes wider? best methods
The use of alcohol-containing compounds is prohibited for artificial leather
The effect of boiling water adversely affects any synthetic material

The choice of method depending on the material

To determine how to distribute shoes that shakes at home, it must be taken into account that there are no universal methods suitable for absolutely all types of material. It is best to use a specific method for stretching models of leather, suede, leatherette, membranes, textiles. Only in this way can you be sure that the new couple will last a long time.

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Spread the shoes at home will turn out ready-made cosmetics, but you need to pay attention to the type of skin. Conventionally, shoe cosmetics are divided into two types: for a specific material and universal compounds. The use of funds intended for other types of leather products is harmful to the couple. You need to be careful about metalized, wicker, greased and varnished surfaces. Before spreading shoes that shakes at home, you need to dry clean the shoes from dirt using a brush. If the dust is not removed from the upper and the inner part of the skin, it will penetrate into the material along with the wearing agent, which will worsen the appearance of the product.

Shoes Too Tight: How to stretch shoes wider? best methods

Suede leather

Suede is very susceptible to the negative effects of the environment, so be careful when you wear it. It is forbidden to use products that contain varnish, oil, and this material should not be abundantly wet. You can purchase a spray for wearing suede shoes. It must be applied to areas where significant compression occurs. Next, you need to put on shoes and walk until the composition completely dries. If the process is accompanied by severe pain, then it is better to do several approaches. The spray effectively stretches suede without harming it.

Shoes Too Tight: How to stretch shoes wider? best methods


Often, summer shoes are made from woven materials, such as jeans. It will not work out to expand it strongly, but it is possible to increase it a little. If the products are squeezed in the fingers, sometimes it is enough to put a damp insole and walk for 25-30 minutes, putting on socks and shoes on them. Alternatively, the surface layer is treated with an alcohol-containing liquid, such as vodka.

An effective way to carry shoes out of fabric is to walk in them in the rain or on wet grass. Arriving home, you will need to put dry, crumpled paper sheets inside. This method is harmless if the sole is sewn and not glued.

Shoes Too Tight: How to stretch shoes wider? best methods
Walk in the rain or wet grass
Insert dry, crumpled paper sheets


If the shoes are made of a membrane, you must first wet the surface inside the shoes with boiling water. When they are softened, the products should be wiped with a dry cloth and worn, putting on a sock. To consolidate the effect, you need to treat the shoes with cold – you can use water or ice for this. The method should be used carefully, as low-quality shoes under the influence of boiling water will lose their former shape.

Wet the surface inside with boiling water
Wipe with a dry cloth and wear by putting on a toe
Cold shoes


It is a synthetic material that is virtually non-stretchable. If you only need to slightly increase the product, then distributing artificial leather models at home will be possible in the following ways:

  1. Abundantly treat the surfaces inside and out with petroleum jelly. Wait about an hour, so the product absorbs well, put the shoes on socks, and on top – a bag, then walk for half an hour. Upon completion, remove the greasy composition.
  2. Use candle paraffin. Wax the surface inside the shoe and leave for a day. After paraffin remove with a tissue. Alternatively, you can use laundry soap. After a day, the product is removed with a damp cloth, after which the shoes wear out before drying.
  3. To increase the volume of shoes made of leatherette, inside you need to firmly lay the peeled potatoes and crumpled wet paper, leave after the product for a day.

It is forbidden to dry wet shoes near heating appliances or on hot radiators. During prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures, fissures form on the artificial skin. As a result, the material is clogged with dust, which shortens the life of the product. Deformation of the surface also accelerates the soaking of shoes during “walks” in the rain. Drying products is necessary only at room temperature. Cedar pads will help speed up the drying process.

Abundantly treat the surfaces inside and out with Vaseline
Walk for half an hour, remove the greasy composition
Use candle paraffin
Place peeled potatoes and wrinkled wet paper firmly

Folk remedies

There are many folk methods of how to distribute shoes at home. Apply alcohol compounds, water, fat, vinegar, newsprints. How to carry out the procedure correctly and not harm the product is a question that should be considered in more detail.


It is an excellent skin softener. Shoes made of natural material are rubbed with alcohol from the inside and shoes on the toe. Outside wetting is prohibited. Alcohol dries very quickly, so it is not necessary to wear the pressing shoes for long.

Suede shoes should not be treated with alcohol; the material can only be moistened with beer. They lubricate the inside of the products well, put on tight socks, boots and wear them before drying. Kerosene can be used as an alternative to alcohol-containing liquids. The processing principle is not different, the only thing is, the smell after the procedure is difficult to remove.

Shoes made of natural material should be rubbed with alcohol from the inside and put on toe
Beer suede shoes, put on tight socks and carry to dry


This method allows you to slightly increase the product in length. How to properly distribute shoes that presses in your fingers with the help of steam, few people know. To do this, you must perform several steps:

  • hold the shoes over the steam;
  • after stuffing with crumpled paper;
  • wait until it dries.

It is strictly forbidden to dry using heating equipment, so the surface is deformed. Use paper without printing. Blank A4 sheets are best.

Hold the shoes over the steam
Stuffed with crumpled paper
Wait until dry

Hair dryer

This technique is suitable for leather products. First, put on socks, then shoes, then use a hairdryer to treat the area on the bend of the foot with hot air. You don’t need to take off your shoes right away – you have to wait until the surface completely cools naturally. So it is necessary to do 3-4 times, then treat the outer part with shoe care products.

There is no need to bring the working hair dryer very close to the surface – leather shoes can be damaged under the influence of intense and hot air.


This is the most humane method of how to spread shoes quickly and stretch them in breadth. You will need a freezer and 2 bags. Pouches are inserted inside each shoe, water is added to them. Be sure to tightly tie the bag, then put the shoes in the freezer. The liquid expands during freezing, stretching the material.

The main thing is not to overexpose the shoes in the refrigerator, since prolonged exposure to cold can cause cracks on their surface, especially for materials such as leatherette.

Add water to bags, tie
Insert inside
Put shoes in the freezer


This method involves mixing 70% vinegar with water in a ratio of 1/1. If you use a 9% composition, then you do not need to dilute it. Application Rules:

  • treat the surface inside with a solution;
  • then put on socks and put on shoes;
  • after walking at least one hour.

Vinegar is absolutely safe, and to remove the smell, the product must be thoroughly washed with a soap solution. If this is unacceptable, then simply air for a long time in the fresh air.

To process a surface inside with a solution
Put on a pair of socks, after walking for at least one hour


There is a proven way to distribute faux leather shoes. This will require wheat grains. They fill the bags, put them in shoes, add water to the cereals. In this condition, the shoes are left for a day. Cereals, swelling, increase in volume and thus stretch the material. After completion, there is no need to specifically dry the products; you just need to put them in fresh air.

Pour grain into shoes, add water, leave for a day


You can carry leather shoes with hot water. This method can only withstand genuine leather. Rules for how to quickly distribute new shoes:

  • the product is poured with boiling water from the inside;
  • excess fluid is removed, and the shoes are left for some time to cool;
  • then they put on shoes and walk until the product dries. If necessary, repeat the process.
Pour boiling water over the shoes from the inside, remove excess fluid, and leave the shoes for a while to cool
Shoe and walk until the product dries.

Best methods for winter boots

Wearing winter boots or boots is much more difficult. There are two main ways: ice and alcohol treatment. Instructions on how to quickly distribute winter shoes with the first substance:

  • place the bag inside the boot as close to the toe as possible;
  • add water to it and tie;
  • put the shoes in the freezer for 10 hours. During this time, the liquid will freeze, increase and expand the product.

Any alcohol-containing composition is applied inside the product, after putting on the toe, and on top of the boots. When exposed to alcohol, the leather material takes the form of a foot. This method is suitable if you want to increase the size of the leg.

How to carry if the shoes are narrow

What to do if new shoes are squeezed, and there is no time for posting – the question that most people have is a question. The simplest way is to increase narrow shoes in breadth with the help of newspapers. To do this, crumple the necessary number of sheets, put them tightly inside tight shoes and leave for a day. The paper will gradually expand and thus increase the volume of shoes.

Sometimes they suggest wetting newspapers with water or vodka. This should not be done, since printing will remain on the surface of the products. If you press the shoes in width, you can use a hairdryer. It is necessary to heat the product well inside, put on a woolen sock and walk for about an hour.

Wax is also an effective option for wearing shoes. With a ordinary candle, you need to grate the inner coating of the product, then install the shoe in the shoes and leave it for 10 hours. This method can be applied to shoes made of any material.

Widening narrow shoes in breadth with newspapers
If you squeeze the shoes in width, use a hairdryer
Grate the inner coating with wax, install a shoe in the shoes

How to make the back softer

If the back presses heavily on the heel, you can soften it in several ways:

  1. Keep woolen socks in hot water, wring out, let cool slightly and put on feet. Next you need to put on shoes and walk around until the moisture evaporates.
  2. Moisten tight socks with vodka, then put on shoes. Walk until complete evaporation of the alcohol-containing product.
  3. The backdrop can be softened with pliers or a hammer. In order not to damage the material, the procedure is performed through a fabric.

After spreading the backdrop, it was possible in one of the ways, to fix the result, you need to fill the product with crumpled paper. In this form, they must stand one night.

Put on wet wool socks
Moisten tight socks with vodka, then put on shoes
Soften with a hammer

Rules for using sprays for stretching

Spray is used if boots only press a little. As a rule, these compositions for shoes are used after long-term storage. The product can be applied to any type of skin.

Step-by-step instructions on how to quickly distribute shoes that press, spray:

  1. The composition is abundantly sprayed onto the pressing sections inside the shoes.
  2. The product is put on and worn walking around the house for half an hour.
  3. If required, repeat the procedure.

You can buy a spray for posting shoes in any shoe department.

These methods are time-tested, so there is no doubt in their effectiveness. It is worth remembering that thin material will not withstand aggressive influences, since it is not designed for this. Therefore, before you distribute the shoes, you need to try the initially gentle methods – they can show excellent results.

Spray liberally onto squeezing areas inside shoes
To put on a product and to wear walking around the house within half an hour

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