How to quickly tie shoelaces: detailed instructions with photos

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Everyone knows how to lace up shoes. However, as a rule, skills are limited to classical ways. Not everyone knows how to quickly tie shoelaces, while achieving strong weaving. Step-by-step instructions will help you learn new methods for their further application in everyday life.

Quick tie shoelaces Methods

There are a lot of ways to tie shoelaces. In addition to the main function – fixing shoes on the foot, many methods have additional advantages. Among them – a beautiful weaving and the ability to tie shoelaces as quickly as possible.


This method gives the shoe a spectacular look. Such a tie looks especially original when using round multi-colored shoelaces. Its name is simply explained: the ends are intertwined at the intersection, and then return back to their side.

  1. The lace is pulled through both lower holes from the inside. Then it is stretched to obtain the same length of two halves.
  2. One part is threaded with screeds from below through holes of only one row. You should get a spiral pattern.
  3. The other end goes the same way along a different row of holes. Before going in, it passes through a loop on the other side of the lace.
  4. A bow with this method may not be used.

The loopback method will give an even more original look to shoes or sneakers, if you use contrast in tones: on dark shoes – light lacing, and on light – dark.

How to quickly tie shoelaces: detailed instructions with photos

With a hidden knot

This method allows you to hide the knot, thereby giving the shoe a neat appearance. The weave has straight lines along its entire length. This method is suitable only for an even number of pairs of holes.

  1. The cord is pulled through the bottom holes, and then both parts are led inside the boot. The length is adjusted so that the left segment is slightly shorter than the right end.
  2. The right lace comes out of the hole of its row and is threaded into the left hole. And the left, having missed one hole, goes out of his row and taps into the opposite.
  3. Moving up, each end comes out on its side, and then stretches to the other side.
  4. The right end reaches the very top, and the left is not laced.
  5. Both tips go inside the boot, where they are tied on the left side. If necessary, weaving can be loosened.

The disadvantage of this method is the discomfort from the hidden node. Discomfort will decrease if you fix it on the outside of the boot.

How to quickly tie shoelaces: detailed instructions with photos

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One-way quick lacing

This method is often referred to as a “storefront” lacing. Due to the minimal time and ease of weaving, fast lacing is actively used when laying out goods. For symmetrical appearance, it is recommended to tie the right and left boots in a mirror.

  1. Both parts of the lace are threaded through the lower holes and led inward. One side should be about twice as long.
  2. A short rope goes through the uppermost hole of the opposite row, and then stretches to a length that will then allow you to fold the loop to tie a knot.
  3. A long rope captures all the holes along the way up, threading through them from below.

This method can be modified if used for sneakers. Direct a short segment into the upper hole, not on the opposite side, but to where it was originally located.

Knot of Jan Figen

Another name for this method is “magic fingers”. It is based on an ancient maritime knot. The Australian Yang Figen found his application in everyday life and showed the whole world how to tie shoelaces quickly so that they themselves could not untie.

  1. The laces are tied in the usual way, after which little fingers are passed under them on both sides.
  2. Two fingers of the right hand are threaded under the right part of the lace, the same fingers of the left hand – under the opposite. At the same time, other fingers fix the tension. It turned out two loops with free ends: back and front.
  3. The right end is pushed back, and the left hand rotates the left loop through the right with a rotational movement.
  4. The fingers of the left hand capture the right side of the cord, and the fingers of the right – the left. The free ends are threaded through their loops. The knot is tightened.

With the apparent complexity, this method is quite easy to learn. It is enough to tie the shoelaces in this way once, and the skill will be fixed. The main advantage is in a strong node, which is especially important for people leading an active lifestyle.

quickly tie shoelaces

Knot-free tying technique

This method of tying will make it possible to lace up shoes with one hand, if for some reason it is impossible to use the second. For many people with disabilities, this is the only way. In the upper part, such weaving is dense, and in the lower part it is quite loose. But the knot and the frequency of the loops will not allow the lacing to stretch.

  1. A knot is tied on one side of the lace.
  2. The free part is inserted into the hole, stretched all the way and threaded through all the holes, forming a cross-braiding.
  3. The remaining tip is tucked into the middle of the lacing.
  4. Lacing is pulled up and down.
  5. For reliable fixation, the free part can be tied around any screed in the middle of the weave.

For this method, stiff round shoelaces (best if they are corrugated cotton) and small holes will be most suitable.

Not all of the methods presented are easy to learn. It is necessary to clearly follow the instructions and further practice the mastered technique of tie shoeslaces. The skill brought to automatism will allow you to appreciate the merits of a particular method.


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