How to clean white sneakers? Best effective methods 2020

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In the warm season, I want to wear white sports shoes. Unfortunately, road dust is quickly absorbed into the fabric base and settles on a smooth surface. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean white sneakers and give them a well-groomed appearance. This can be done using the means of factory production and folk recipes.

Training for How to clean white sneakers?

Before removing stubborn stains, it is necessary to carry out a primary treatment of the top and sole. This does not require much effort:

  1. Shoes are cleaned of dirt with a brush, sponge or microfiber cloth. All “tools” must be dry, otherwise the stains will spread out on the surface. Processing is best done after a walk, not putting off until tomorrow.
  2. If the sneakers have been in liquid mud, you need to give them time to dry. After that, shoes are cleaned with a dry brush (preferably for suede).
  3. Shoelaces and insoles are washed manually with laundry soap. Machine Washable Shoelaces can damage the drum. Stubborn stains are removed with bleach.

Clean white sneakers carefully. A brush moistened with water will aggravate the situation. Dirt will penetrate the fibers and wash out the stain. Dealing with it will not be easy.

Leather insoles should be wiped with a damp sponge or cloth. If wet, they can become deformed and lose their original shape.

How to clean white sneakers? Best effective methods 2020
Clean the surface with a dry sponge
Laces and insoles are washed manually with laundry soap

Cleaning process depending on the material

To clean light sneakers from stubborn dirt at home, you need to consider the type of material. Textiles and leather need different care. Leather shoes will not survive the machine wash, while fabric shoes can be soaked.


Textiles – the material is durable, well tolerates moisture. Therefore, it can be cleaned of dirt by washing. Its method depends on the quality of the shoes. If the sole is glued well, you can send a couple to the machine. The main thing is to properly prepare the sneakers. Before loading, the shoes are soaked in warm water with the addition of bleach. The dirt will go away after a couple of hours.

So that metal parts do not damage the drum, the products are placed in a special mesh. Some cars lack the “Shoes” mode. Then choose the program “Manual” or “Delicate”. To clean the white sneakers from dirt with the help of the powder will not work. It is more advisable to pour a stain remover or bleach into the drum.

Running models need to be machine washed. The mesh on the surface is clogged with dirt and is difficult to clean. If the quality of the shoes is in doubt, you should try the following method: put a plastic bag on your hand and wrap it with paper towels. The resulting design is placed in a sneaker. It will collect moisture, protecting shoes from getting wet. The grid is carefully cleaned with a sponge with a small amount of stain remover. If it is not possible to wash the dirt, it is worth giving the shoes to dry cleaning. You can clean the mesh on the sneakers several times, then it will turn gray.

Shoes of poor quality are washed by hand so as not to damage its shape. It is recommended to clean synthetic material with laundry soap, and textiles with a stain remover or bleach. Soak the steam before washing. Warm water is collected in a basin (30–40 degrees) and a detergent is added. Products are immersed in the composition and left for about half an hour.

After half an hour, the water is changed and bleach is added. A fresh solution is applied to the fabric and the remaining dirt is erased with a brush. After the spots have completely receded, the solution is washed off with a sponge dipped in water. Shoes should be wiped until the fabric stops foaming. Hand wash is a convenient way to clean white sneakers.

Soak for a couple of hours in water with bleach
If you just load the shoes into the machine – you can spoil it
Sneakers need to be washed in a special net
If cleaned by hand, paper towels and a bag will protect the shoes from excess moisture
Synthetics are cleaned with laundry soap

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Leather and leatherette

White leather sneakers are easy to clean. It is enough to wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water. If the shoes serve for a long time, the surface turns yellow, and the spots are corroded. In this case, washing the sneakers from the skin will be almost impossible. To return them to a well-groomed look, you need to cover the surface with shoe polish.

Sneakers made of fabric cannot be cleaned with paint, it will lie on them with a “dead layer”.

Wipe with a rag with soapy water.
Refresh color and remove yellowness will help shoe paint

Suede and Nubuck

Suede is a moody material. It requires delicate handling. Wet cleanings for sneakers made from such raw materials will be fatal. They must not be washed under the tap or soaked. It is better to use one of the following tools:

  1. Steam bath. Water vapor eliminates impurities and straightens the villi. Shoes are held over a boiling pot until it becomes slightly damp. Then the suede is wiped with a soft cloth.
  2. An aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. A teaspoon of each substance is added to a glass of heated water. Suede is gently wiped with a cloth soaked in liquid. Using peroxide and alcohol, you can wash deep contaminants in minutes.
  3. A solution of detergent and ammonia in a ratio of 1: 5.
  4. Powder from crushed chalk, talcum powder and tooth powder. The mixture is applied to the spots, gently rubbing with a brush.
  5. A set of sneakers and preventative care products. To keep the suede attractive, you need to take care of it daily. In addition to cleaning products, it is useful to use water-repellent emulsions.

Suede does not tolerate contact with water. It is always preferable to clean the sneakers than to wash them. Wet processing is justified only in the case of severe contamination.

Steam bath
An aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia
A solution of detergent and ammonia
Powder from crushed chalk, talcum powder and tooth powder
How to clean white sneakers
Water repellent emulsions

Nubuck is a polished skin with a finely tufted structure. In appearance, it resembles suede and requires careful handling. The easiest way to ruin light shoes. To avoid premature wear, you need to know how to clean your white nubuck sneakers. It is enough to adhere to simple rules:

  1. Surface contamination is removed using a soft rag or brush.
  2. Fresh spots are well cleaned with a nubuck eraser.
  3. Wet cleaning is carried out without pressure and friction. The spot is blotted with pressed rags and dried. The remaining dirt is brushed off and dried again.
  4. Nubuck sneakers cannot be placed on a battery. A well-ventilated area is suitable for drying.

Nubuck shoes need gentle cleaning. Do not experiment with folk methods, it is better to use the means of factory production.

Surface contamination is removed with a soft rag or brush.
Fresh spots are well cleaned with a nubuck eraser
Wet cleaning is carried out without pressure and friction
Balcony is suitable for drying

Polished leather

To wash light patent leather sneakers, it is advisable to use toothpaste. It is enough to apply it to the surface and gently rub it with a soft brush. Tough can leave scratches.

Lacquered sneakers are easy to clean with a damp cloth. It is enough to wipe the coating and “walk” on it with a polishing cloth. Unfortunately, not every shoe cleaner is suitable for such shoes. Stain remover and bleach can destroy the coating. It is recommended to clean it with soapy water or toothpaste.

Stain removal

Cleaning sneakers from stains is not an easy task. You need to be prepared for the fact that the spots do not completely disappear. It depends on the material and degree of contamination. In any case, the stain can be significantly lightened.

Yellow stains appear on almost all white sneakers. This is due to getting wet during the rain. They can be cleaned with liquid soap or shampoo. It is enough to apply the product on a brush with soft bristles and rub it well. Laundry soap and powder will not brighten yellow spots, on the contrary, they will become brighter.

To clean white sneakers from stubborn dirt, you can use professional or home remedies. It is important to remember that folk methods require preliminary testing. Do not apply the finished composition to the entire surface of the sneakers, it is better to start with a small area.

Remove stains with liquid soap
Use professional tools

Professional Tools

The modern market offers many products for stain removal. Among them are especially popular:

  1. Household oxygen bleach. Fabric sneakers quickly accumulate road dust and need deep cleaning. An aggressive substance can cause skin irritation or material damage. Therefore, it is better to choose an oxygen analog. Bleach is diluted in a small amount of water and applied to shoes. Enough 10 minutes to make it whiter.
  2. Stain remover. This tool differs from the bleach by local exposure. With it, you can even remove stubborn stains. To clean the steam from the fabric, you need to apply a small amount of liquid on the stain, slightly diluted with water. Shoes leave for 10 minutes. After that, the dirt is erased with a brush, and the surface is wiped with a sponge.
  3. Micellar water. At home, sneakers can be cleaned with makeup remover. It is enough to moisten a cotton pad in micellar water and rub it with a stain.
  4. Sprays containing wax. Ideal for the care of sneakers made of leatherette and leather. This product is both cleaning and water repellent.
  5. Foam. It will be a salvation when you need to clean your sneakers without water. The substance is applied to the stain using a brush. Such products are suitable for washing clothes and bags.
  6. Shampoo. Effectively removes fresh dirt. It is enough to dilute a few drops of shampoo with water.

How sneakers from different materials are cleaned is usually indicated on their packaging.

The choice of tool depends on specific tasks. A universal stain remover has not yet been invented. You will have to try several options to find the most effective.

Folk remedies

Craftsmen have come up with many ways to clean white sneakers at home. The following have passed the test of time:

  1. Baking soda. The substance is mixed with water until a paste-like state. The resulting substance is rubbed into the stain with a toothbrush. After a few minutes, the soda is removed with a damp cloth.
  2. A mixture of vinegar, soda, hydrogen peroxide and washing powder. For the best effect, it is recommended to use three percent peroxide. Two tablespoons of vinegar with the same amount of powder are mixed with a teaspoon of soda and a tablespoon of peroxide. Rubbed into a contaminated place, leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You can do it easier by cleaning the sneakers with peroxide mixed with soda. The two-component composition will not become less effective.
  3. Toothpaste. You can clean white sneakers at home with a paste without colored granules. It is applied to a dry brush and rubbed into the stain in a circular motion. Then rinse with foam soaked in water.
  4. Lemon juice. To bleach the entire surface area, you need two tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with the same volume of water. Rub the product with a soft cloth.
  5. Laundry soap. It effectively fights against stubborn dirt. It is enough to rub the brush with soap, process the material, then rinse with warm water.
  6. A mixture of milk and potato starch. Suitable for cleaning leather products. The components are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. The resulting paste is smeared with the surface, then washed with a damp cloth.
  7. A solution of vinegar and acetone. Liquids are mixed in an equal volume and applied to shoes with a soft cloth. The composition is washed off with warm water.

In the process of working with folk remedies, latex gloves should be used. This will protect the skin from chemical burns and irritation.

Lemon juice
Laundry soap
A solution of vinegar and acetone

Sole whitening

Nail polish remover well removes various contaminants. It is applied to the sole and left for half an hour. After that wash off with water. Pemolux has a similar effect.

You can use baking soda or toothpaste to whiten the sole. They are diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2 and applied to the old brush (coarse bristles will easily erase dirt). Similarly, soda and tooth powder can be used.

Another common method is soaking in bleach. For these purposes, it is better to choose a concentrate. Many believe that spots will be removed in 20-30 minutes. This is not true. Rubber is less susceptible to chemical attack. The effect will be noticeable after at least 3 hours.

Whitening will have to be repeated before each exit to the street. The described substances are chemically invasive. This means that the outsole treated by them will become less resistant to contamination.

Acetone-based varnish remover
Baking soda

Care Rules

Cleaning sneakers properly should be half the battle. It is important to dry them according to the rules. Specialists give such advice:

  1. Leather sneakers are wiped with a dry cloth, then treated with shoe wax.
  2. Textiles are allowed to air dry. Do not put shoes on the battery, heater, or stand in the bright sun. She may lose shape.
  3. Suede suffers from contact with water. If this happens, the surface is dried with blotting movements.

So that the shoes do not lose their shape, you can stuff it with paper towels. The peel from oranges or other citrus fruits will help to cope with an unpleasant odor.

White sneakers last longer if not worn every day. Shoes accumulate moisture, which leads to unpleasant odors and wear. To prevent pollution, special tools will help. It is important to remember that they must be used daily.

Sneakers are easily ruined by machine wash. It is suitable only for artificial materials. Leather and suede shoes are cleaned by hand. You need to wash your sneakers after returning home so that the dirt does not absorb. Suede is treated with a dry shoe brush. Even if you know how to clean your sneakers correctly, failure to follow these simple recommendations will minimize all efforts.

Fabric sneakers dry only outdoors
So that the shoes do not lose their shape, it must be stuffed with paper towels
In the fight against bad smell, you need to put lemon or orange peels in the shoes

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