How to clean nubuck shoes suitable products, folk methods

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Any nubuck shoe looks very impressive, but with frequent wear it inevitably loses its attractive appearance. Meanwhile, proper and timely care can significantly extend the life of your favorite shoes, shoes or boots. That is why it is necessary to figure out how to clean shoes from nubuck, as well as arm yourself with an arsenal of special tools, before acquiring the pair you like. Useful life hacks collected empirically by resourceful users will also come in handy – they provide for the use of non-standard methods of care. How to clean nubuck shoes.

Clean nubuck shoes Material Features

Often, buyers do not see the difference between nubuck and velor or natural suede. However, all of them are made from different raw materials using different tanning methods. Nubuck itself is divided into two large groups – natural and synthetic material. The first is made from cattle hides. In this case, tanning is carried out by the chrome method, and then sanding of fine fractions or finely abrasive sand is carried out, which gives the material velvety, breathability, strength. Synthetic or artificial nubuck is made from polymers that are pressed together. In this case, you can get the material with the desired length and thickness of the villi, it is velvety, so it is very similar to natural.

The advantages of nubuck are:

  • excellent breathability;
  • softness;
  • flexibility;
  • long-term attractive appearance (compared to suede);
  • good thermal conductivity.

In addition to the indisputable advantages, the material also has disadvantages: if water or dirt gets on the nubuck, it may lose its attractive appearance, so it is recommended to wear shoes in dry weather. But often situations arise when you have to go through the mud in the pouring rain. As a result, shoes or boots lose their attractive appearance; it seems that the only way out is to hand them dry cleaned. However, you should not rush, because there are many ways that suggest how to clean shoes from nubuck at home.

How to clean nubuck shoes suitable products, folk methods

Care products

If shoes or boots are used indoors, it is enough to carry out a simple cleaning, which consists in removing dust from the surface with a dry or slightly damp cloth, and then comb the pile. If the couple has been exposed to adverse weather conditions, to get rid of the spots that appear, you will need to make a little more effort. First of all, before washing shoes from nubuck, you need to carefully treat the sole with a sponge dipped in soapy water, without touching the top of the shoe.

Take care of nubuck shoes immediately after purchase. The surface of the new product is treated with special impregnation, the steps are repeated three times, each time waiting for the complete drying of the product. Then the procedure is duplicated in spring and autumn, as well as after each cleaning.

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How to clean nubuck shoes with the help of popular products that are offered on store shelves:

  1. Aerosols. The spray is applied to the shoes before going outside, but not less than 30 minutes. The aerosol does not penetrate deep into the pores of the material, but at the same time protects it well from water and dirt.
  2. Coloring sprays. Many of them perfectly mask small defects (spots, scratches), as they have a coloring effect. It is only important to choose a paint color that matches the shade of the shoe. The components that make up the aerosols will protect the steam from dust, dirt, water, and reagents.
  3. Cleaning shampoos. They are used to get rid of strong pollution. Previously, the shoes are cleaned, and then a product is applied to them, which is rubbed with a foam sponge. Before starting all manipulations, it is necessary to check the reaction of the material to the cleaning shampoo in an inconspicuous area of ​​the shoe.
  4. Impregnation. It penetrates deep into the pores of nubuck, therefore, reliably protects against moisture and contamination. Processing should be carried out approximately 12 hours before the release, so that the agent saturates the material well and dries.

There are also various brushes made of natural and artificial fibers, designed to effectively clean the surface of nubuck and seams, erasers to remove visible stains. All this can be purchased at any shoe store. Such accessories are represented by a wide range: products with a one-sided cleaning surface or an additional layer, brushes combining a rubber pile with a metal layer, or sponges to get rid of dirt in hard-to-reach areas.


Cleaning steps

Knowing certain rules of care will allow you to clean nubuck shoes at home as efficiently as possible. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to wash the sole, excluding the ingress of water on the material of the upper part. It is better to clean it not under running tap water, but in a container filled with soapy water. Next, we will consider the main stages of removing contaminants from shoes from nubuck.

Wet shoes

The insoles absorb a lot of moisture, so after a long walk they should be removed from the shoes to dry – so the liner and the surface of the upper part will dry faster. Before cleaning shoes or boots made of nubuck that are soaked in rainy weather, they must be well dried. It is worth using a number of recommendations:

  • dry products at room temperature, away from direct sunlight;
  • it will be useful to use special electric dryers;
  • first you need to put inside a couple of newspapers to prevent deformation and creases of the material.

You can not dry shoes made of nubuck near heating appliances and other sources of heat, because from their influence the material is deformed and will forever lose its attractive appearance.

Dry products at room temperature, away from direct sunlight
Use electric dryers
Pre-place inside a pair of newspapers

Severe pollution

If the shoes are very dirty, special tools or folk methods will help get rid of the dirt. Effective shoe cleaning requires compliance with a certain algorithm of actions:

  1. Dry the product well.
  2. Remove dirt with a slightly damp cloth.
  3. Apply cleansing foam or shampoo to contaminated areas, gently rubbing the product with a sponge.
  4. A brush should be used to walk along the surface of the material to remove dust particles.
  5. Residual dirt in hard-to-reach areas can be removed with an eraser.

Further, the shoes should again dry well away from heat sources.

Light products

For cleaning light nubuck shoes at home, their own separate methods are provided. The pair can be treated with starch or talc, as well as ammonia diluted in water. Then are executed:

  • drying;
  • straightening the pile;
  • paint treatment.

To remove salt from shoes, use a slightly moistened soft sponge.

Treat shoes with starch or talcum powder

Artificial nubuck

Artificial nubuck shoes are cleaned in the same way as products made from natural material. In the process, chemical preparations are used: impregnations, sprays, shampoos, creams. You can also clean with folk remedies, which are prepared independently. In addition, the synthetic material is machine washable. However, this method is not suitable for all models. For example, sneakers (without decor elements) or moccasins can be safely placed in the washing machine, while such cleaning will make boots or shoes unsuitable for further wear.

Folk methods

In order to clean shoes at home from nubuck, you can use not only store-bought, but also improvised means. To put in order boots from the “capricious” material will help:

  1. Ammonia. With its help, you can perfectly get rid of salt, which appears in the form of stains after a walk in the winter. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to dilute the ammonia in water in a ratio of 1: 4, then the shoes are gently wiped with a cloth moistened with the mixture.
  2. Table vinegar. To remove stubborn stains, one tablespoon of the product is dissolved in 1 liter of water and mixes well. Processing is carried out using a moistened swab.
  3. Talc. You can use chalk. It is rubbed into shoes made in bright colors, then the surface is wiped with a napkin.
  4. Salt. Great for removing greasy stains. For cleaning, fine salt is used, which should rub the contaminated areas. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.
  5. Black bread. Great for getting rid of fresh spots. The crust plays the role of a gentle brush.
  6. Coffee grounds. Used for shoes in dark brown or black. Thick pinch should be placed on the surface and rub into the stain with a sponge.

After cleaning, shoes should be held above the steam so that the pile straightens after wiping.

How to recover

Even if you constantly monitor the shoe, it may lose its appearance from exposure to adverse weather conditions. Over time, faded spots, abrasions in the places of folds and the contact of one shoe with another appear on the products. Therefore, owners should know not only how to clean shoes from nubuck, but also how to restore a presentable appearance of products. To update the surface of the material, aerosols with a coloring effect should be used, which are selected very carefully in accordance with the color of the pair. If the shoe has a very unsightly appearance, but you don’t want to get rid of it, coloring sprays will come in, which will be a tone darker than the original shade of the pair.

To restore the direction of the villi and restore elasticity, the products are exposed to steam. To do this, shoes need to hold for several minutes over boiling water. You can eliminate scuffs if you rub the products with a rubber eraser or pumice stone. Coffee grounds will help get rid of the problem areas on brown shoes. To restore dark models, it is recommended to use a crust of black bread. In the process of cleaning, you can not do strong pressure, all movements are performed with caution, in one direction.

To care for shoes made of nubuck, it is strongly not recommended to use products with a high percentage of fat, since it will reduce the breathability of the material. It is better to use compounds that contain creosote.

Useful Tips

The recommendations described above will help preserve the look of nubuck shoes for a long time. There are some more nuances that will help owners of shoes, boots or boots made of this material to extend the life of your beloved couple. Absolutely forbidden:

  1. Clean wet nubuck.
  2. When treating products made of this material, use leather shoe processing products.
  3. Coat with impregnation or cleaning fluid the entire surface at once. You must first apply the product on a piece of material or a sponge, and then gently rub into a nubuck.
  4. Wash shoes with soap and water, especially rub with soap. As a result, the product will deteriorate and will not be subject to restoration.
  5. Pack shoes in bags made of polyethylene, as the material must breathe. For seasonal storage, ordinary cardboard boxes are used, and products can be wrapped in cotton cloth.

Nubuck boots look luxurious on the foot. But to achieve this effect, careful and constant care is required, which will extend the life of the beloved couple, while maintaining its presentable appearance. Now after reading this content Clean nubuck shoes is not a big task for you.


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