High ugg boots the topmost fashionable models for all occasions

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High ugg boots the topmost fashionable models for all occasions

High ugg boots are considered one of the warmest varieties of women’s winter shoes. Due to the use of exclusively natural materials and the increased length of the shaft, these products reliably warm the legs of their owner and retain heat for a very long time.

High ugg boots

Traditionally, women’s ugg boots reach caviar, however, fashion does not stand still, and new original variations are constantly being developed on the basis of these shoes. So, for additional warming, manufacturers have developed ugg models with an increased boot, which not only warm very well, but also look much more attractive and elegant.

Meanwhile, as well as short models, high ugg boots provide its owner with maximum comfort and are ideal for long-term wear. Due to the fact that only genuine leather and sheepskin are used during their production, the feet in these shoes do not sweat, and the flat sole provides excellent stability and promotes proper load distribution.

High ugg boots

Classic High ugg boots

Women’s classic high uggs boots are made exclusively from natural sheepskin, which has excellent thermal characteristics. As a rule, they are performed in universal color shades, among which beige and brown are especially common. In addition, the classic models do not have any fasteners or decorative elements, such as buttons, zippers or straps.

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Stylish and attractive leather ugg boots are able to serve their owner for as long as possible. In addition, they look very elegant, because they look like classic boots. Genuine leather products are not afraid of moisture and dirt; moreover, it is very resistant to temperature changes and absolutely does not require any special care.

A combination of high ugg boots in which the boot is made of suede or sheepskin with genuine leather inserts and the lower part is made entirely of sheepskin has become a novelty of recent seasons. Such shoes look very stylish and incredibly impressive, so it will easily fit into any everyday look. In addition, it is presented in a wide color range, and the most popular model is coal-black ugg boots.

High ugg boots

High ugg boots with rhinestones

Feminine and romantic-minded young ladies can choose ugg boots decorated with rhinestones. As a rule, large sparkling crystals are used to decorate such shoes, which are arranged in a chaotic manner or form a beautiful and attractive pattern in front of each product.

High women’s uggs with rhinestones are ideal for combining with dresses and skirts of various styles and colors. As outerwear, a jacket or coat, as well as a charming shortened fur coat or sheepskin coat with natural fur trim, will suit them. In all cases, it is recommended to supplement these images with insulated tights, which include natural wool or cotton.

High ugg boots with buttons

Women are in great demand today with high uggs with buttons on their legs, which look brighter and more attractive the larger they are. As a rule, such accessories are selected to match the shoes, however, there are models that are decorated with contrasting elements.

Depending on the length of the shaft, high uggs can be decorated with one, two or three buttons. In some cases, on such shoes several small buttons can be placed, the number of which can exceed 3 or even 5. Meanwhile, similar models to most girls and women seem unattractive, so fashionistas give their preference to other options.

High Knitted Uggs

Winter ugg boots made of thick yarn look simply charming. Unlike classic models, they cannot be called ugly under any circumstances – these shoes look incredibly feminine and sophisticated. In addition, in most cases it is decorated with thick braids, plaits and arana, thanks to which they look very feminine.

High knitted uggs do not differ in too good thermal characteristics, even if their upper part is made of wool. In addition, they absolutely do not protect the legs of their owner from moisture and precipitation. For these reasons, this shoe is exclusively suitable for wearing indoors or during dry weather.

High ugg boots the topmost fashionable models for all occasions

High zipper uggs

Although traditionally uggs are not complemented by any fasteners, many modern models have zippers that can carry both a functional and an exclusively decorative load. High women’s winter uggs, in which the zipper is used not only as an element of decor, are ideal for women with mouth-watering shapes and full legs, which can be difficult to wear ordinary shoes.

Depending on individual preferences, each fashionista can choose a model with a zipper, which is located in the following places:

  • on the side;
  • at the back;
  • on the front;
  • on the side from two sides.

High Platform Uggs

For cold winters, fashionable uggs with a high sole, which can have the same thickness along the entire length or gradually increase in the direction from toe to heel, will be an excellent solution. These products look very stylish, attractive and youthful, so in most cases they are chosen by young ladies who like to stand out from the crowd. Models with flat high soles are the best option for deeply snowy surfaces, while products on the platform and wedge heel are more suitable for walking along city streets.

High ugg boots with fur

Shoes trimmed with natural fur of fur animals always look expensive and luxurious. Ugg boots, which, in the presence of such a finish, acquire a completely different appearance, are no exception. A variety of materials are used to decorate such products – high uggs with a fox, raccoon, rabbit look elegant and incredibly attractive. In addition, the fur of the following types can be used to frame the upper part of the boots or decorate their tops:

  • mink;
  • nutria;
  • Arctic fox
  • llama;
  • artificial raw materials, which from an external point of view is no different from natural.

Female ugg boots above the knee

The current tendency to wear knee-high over-the-knee boots has also spread to boots made of natural sheepskin. So, in the collections of many manufacturers appeared brown, gray and black high ugg boots, the length of the shaft of which is comparable to the currently incredibly popular over the knee boots.

Such products are unusually warm and comfortable, they are able to warm their owner even in severe frost and reliably protect her from the piercing wind. Meanwhile, it is not easy to choose suitable components of a fashionable image for such products. This shoe will look best with the following items of clothing:

  • skinny and skinny jeans and knitted pullover;
  • short knitted dress and warm tights;
  • a mini-skirt of a straight or flared style, tights and warm knitted leggings;
  • insulated leggings and a tunic made of thick knitwear;
  • warm tights and shorts;
  • as for outerwear, for such shoes it is best to choose an elegant cropped sheepskin coat or leather jacket with natural fur.

High uggs with stones

Shiny or colored stones are another way to diversify women’s winter ugg boots, making them incredibly feminine, stylish and attractive. These decor elements can be located both in the upper and lower parts, however, it is not allowed to cover them with trouser legs or an excessively long skirt. Models with stones require careful care – if mistreated, they will quickly become unattractive and lose all their beauty and sophistication.

What to wear High ugg boots with?

Most of the girls who liked this unusual and incredibly warm shoes, the question arises, what to wear with natural female high uggs, and with what items of clothing they are best combined. In fact, winter images with high ugg boots are incredibly diverse, as these products look very good with different things. However, there are serious limitations that must be avoided when creating trendy looks. So, high uggs, according to the recommendations of stylists, can not be worn with the following items:

  • pants with arrows;
  • shortened trouser models;
  • long dresses and skirts;
  • jeans and flared pants;
  • skirts-year;
  • too wide trousers, for example, culottes.

High uggs with a fur coat

Most stylists and designers do not recommend wearing high uggs with a fur coat, especially if it ends below the middle of the thigh. A few years ago, such a combination was generally considered a bad manners and a sign of bad taste of the fair sex, however, today the situation has changed radically.

So, natural high uggs look great with a shortened fur coat made of fox, mink, nutria or even marten and sable fur. An ensemble consisting of a fur coat and boots, the upper part of which is decorated with completely identical fur, which was also used for sewing a fur coat, is considered a very stylish and interesting variation.

High ugg with a coat

As for the coat, the best choice should be models with a length just above the knee of the following styles:

  • oversize;
  • cocoon;
  • loose cut coat;
  • poncho coat.

It is very easy to choose the right color shade in this case. So, absolutely all models of outerwear are suitable for boots of universal color shades, and it is better to choose items of the upper wardrobe of a restrained and muted color scheme for bright products. Particular attention should be paid to options with fur trim. So, high uggs with fox fur will look perfect with a classic coat, which can be decorated with a similar fur trim around the collar.

High ugg boots with a park

Since women’s ugg boots are not combined with any outerwear, many girls wonder how they will look with the park. In fact, the jacket of this style is the optimal solution, which is much better than others combined with this unusual and original shoe. As for the length of the park, in this case, it is worth giving preference to models up to the middle of the thigh, which will especially fit into the everyday look.


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