How to get urine out of shoes: Best proven methods 2020

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Cats are considered one of the cleanest animals, so they are easy to accustom to the toilet. Puddles and tags in the wrong places, such as slippers or boots, indicate poor health, stress, resentment. The owner must know how to get urine out of shoes, because poorly cleaned boots or sneakers will inevitably provoke the cat to a new “crime”. In this case, it will be difficult to return the thing to its original form.

Odor Removal Techniques for get urine out of shoes

In order to relieve shoes from the smell of cat urine, or get urine out of shoesyou need to act quickly and deliberately. To solve the problem, water alone will not be enough; additional funds will have to be used. For example, iodine will save products from dark leather and leatherette, and vinegar solution is suitable for light leather shoes. When processing suede boots, care should be taken, as the material is easily deformed. Only non-aggressive agents can correct the situation: soap based on glycerin, a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Processing shoes from textiles is much easier. To eliminate the smell of urine will allow ordinary laundry soap and washing in a delicate mode. If the cat marked a thing made of fur, it is better to give preference to a specialized tool. In an extreme case, citric acid, manganese, and an acetic solution are suitable. Difficulties in removing the smell of cat urine from shoes are caused by the composition of the biological fluid, it includes:

  • urea (urea) – makes the urine sticky after drying;
  • urochromes – give a characteristic color;
  • uric acid – responsible for the fetid odor.

The crystals that make up the acid do not dissolve in water, do not react with ethanol. The only thing that destroys them is alkali and sulfuric acid. If the shoes smell of urine even after repeated treatments, then the substance has thoroughly eaten. That is why getting rid of old cat tags is very difficult.

How to get urine out of shoes: Best proven methods 2020
Iodine will save dark leather and leatherette items
Acetic solution suitable for light leather shoes
For suede shoes, use non-aggressive agents: glycerin-based soap, a weak solution of potassium permanganate


The problem is solved simply if the cat went to shoes made of textiles as needed. The first step is to rub the dirty areas with household soap and leave for a while. After that, slippers, moccasins or sneakers are loaded into the washing machine. It is recommended to set the delicate mode, as intense speed and hot water can ruin the appearance of the product. To guarantee that cat urine can be removed, repeat the procedure several times in a row. Dry shoes preferably in the fresh air.

Processing laundry with alcohol will discourage the cat from using it as a toilet.

Grate dirty areas with soap and leave for a while
Wash delicately several times

Special cleaning

There are special products on the pet products market that help get rid of the smell of urine. Most of them are available in the form of sprays. Between themselves, they differ not only in price, but also in composition. Chemicals are considered more effective, but quite dangerous. When working with them, care must be taken. Natural components, as a rule, are harmless, but do not always give the desired effect.

It is almost impossible to remove old spots with improvised means. To combat these, it is better to choose factory preparations. They not only remove the smell of urine, but also dissolve already ingrained crystals of uric acid. The main thing is to follow the instructions for use.

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Using Neutralizing Home Remedies

When the problem is taken by surprise, you can remove the smell of cat urine from shoes with folk remedies:

  • lemon juice or acid diluted with water;
  • soap with a high alkali content;
  • iodine solution;
  • vodka without additives or ethyl alcohol;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • camphor and boric alcohol;
  • potassium permanganate;
  • baking soda;
  • vinegar.

Any of them is available for use at home. All the pros and cons should be taken into account so as not to aggravate the unpleasant situation. So, treatment with iodine will inevitably cause stains on light shoes. A concentrated lemon juice can corrode suede shoes. Nevertheless, you can get urine out of shoes or from any surface, most importantly, take action in time.

  • High alkali soap
  • Iodine solution
  • Ethanol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Camphor and boric alcohol
  • Potassium permanganate

Preparation for cleaning

Before using any cleanser, remove the maximum amount of urine from the shoes. Otherwise, getting rid of the cat smell will be very difficult. It is best to use toilet paper or paper towels that absorb moisture well. If the stain is located inside, it is worth sprinkling it with salt or soda for several minutes. Repeat the procedure until the crystals stop changing color.

Shoes may become very deformed due to hair dryer drying.

When the shoes are ready for processing, it is advisable to check the selected product in an inconspicuous area. This is especially important for things made of leather and fur. A color change or the appearance of stains should be the reason for the search for an alternative method. When using chemicals to remove the smell of urine in shoes, you should avoid direct contact of the product with the skin and mucous membranes.

Remove the maximum amount of urine from the shoes
Sprinkle the stain with salt or soda until the crystals stop changing color
Check the selected product in an inconspicuous area

Effective folk remedies

Before using one of the popular methods of removing cat urine from shoes, several factors must be taken into account. The same tool cannot be used for all types of materials. In one case, it will help get rid of the stain and smell, and in the other it will ruin the thing completely.


You need to take action immediately. If the cat made a mark on the boots, then getting rid of the smell after drying the urine becomes difficult. Provided that they are not made from suede, one of the most effective options is lemon. The order of its application is simple.

  1. Squeeze juice from fresh lemon or prepare a solution of citric acid – 4 g of powder per 100 ml of water.
  2. Moisten a cloth thoroughly, treat the cat urine stain, regardless of where it is located.
  3. After a few minutes, wipe the damaged area with a damp sponge.
  4. If necessary, repeat the procedure again.

Pure juice and citric acid diluted in water give an equivalent effect. The main thing is to adhere to the recommended proportions. It is allowed to combine lemon with other means.

Squeeze juice from fresh lemon
Dampen a cloth, treat the stain
Wipe the damaged area with a damp sponge

Laundry soap

This tool is rightfully considered one of the most affordable and effective methods of combating the smell of urine on shoes. Great for leather items and textile products. It is convenient to use in solid state. The damaged area of ​​the fabric should initially be slightly moistened, and then rubbed with soap. Indoor slippers and other rag shoes can be soaked in soapy water; the latter is prepared from grated soap and a small amount of warm water.

Moisten a damaged area of ​​fabric
Grate soap
Soak indoor slippers and rag shoes in soap and water

Alcohol or vodka

This is another simple way to remove the smell of cat urine from shoes, available for all types of materials, including leather and its substitute. Alcohol and regular vodka are suitable for treating internal and external surfaces. It is enough to moisten a napkin in liquid and leave it in shoes for 2-3 hours. Do not be afraid of a pungent odor, it quickly disappears.

Dampen a cloth in liquid
Leave in shoes for a few hours


If the cat shits in dark-colored shoes, then you can get rid of the disgusting smell with the help of iodine. Using a solution for processing light materials is strongly discouraged, even if the concentration of the substance is low. A few drops of iodine must be dissolved in water and the finished product processed. In this way, you can wash cat urine even with leather shoes.

Hydrogen peroxide

Unlike other home remedies, hydrogen peroxide is permissible to use only inside shoes. Liquid may leave whitish spots on any material that cannot be removed. The application procedure consists of three stages.

  1. Moisten the insole with a small amount of the preparation.
  2. Remove the foam formed on the surface with a tissue.
  3. Leave the processed thing in the fresh air until completely dry.

It makes no sense to dilute peroxide with water – treatment with such a solution will not bring the desired effect. The drug can be combined with other means, but not simultaneously.

Moisten the insole with a small amount of the preparation
Remove foam with a cloth
Leave in open air until completely dry.

Boric alcohol

Urine quickly eats into the tissue, so it stinks even after it dries. The slightest contact with moisture will create the feeling of a fresh mark. To combat such spots, it is optimal to use boric alcohol. It is poured directly into shoes or wiped on the surface. Rinse off the product before and after drying. This method is suitable for all types of shoes, even suede.

Pour directly into shoes or wipe the surface

Camphor alcohol

The principle of camphor alcohol is identical to boric. It should be used if the cat has marked shoes for a long time. It is not recommended to use the product in its pure form, it is better to dilute it with water in a ratio of 1: 2. It is possible to remove stains and fetid odor in this way from any products.

Camphor alcohol can provoke an allergic reaction, therefore it is advisable to work with the product with gloves.


Baking soda is an abrasive substance, so it can not be used on smooth, colored and glossy surfaces. Small scratches may go unnoticed, but will cause a quick soiling of the shoes. This method will be useful when processing fresh tags. Pour soda onto a wet spot, leave for a while. After removing the product, the product is washed with soapy water and dried in fresh air.

Pour soda on a damp spot, leave for a while
Rinse with soapy water
Air dry.


After applying vinegar, the question of how to remove the smell of cat urine will cease to be relevant. Acetic acid destroys the components of the biological fluid, therefore it does not mask the problem, but eliminates it. The product gives the best result when processing fresh spots on any surface. Immediately before use, the essence is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2, and then applied to the surface of the shoe with a sponge.

Potassium permanganate

No need to think how to remove the smell of cat urine when potassium permanganate is at hand. This is the most suitable labeling tool on suede shoes. The lighter the skin tone, the weaker the solution should be. A dirty surface is treated with a few drops of liquid. After the procedure, suede must be wiped dry. It is optimal to use a rubber brush to raise the pile.

Wipe dry
Use a rubber brush to raise the pile.


Many of those who know how to get rid of the smell of cat urine in shoes with folk remedies still choose professional drugs. They are more expensive, but work faster and more efficiently.




Odorgone It is considered a universal odor absorber. It acts quickly, leaves no residue. The composition has safe ingredients. It differs from most analogues by a high price.
Desosan Destroys the components of urine at the molecular level. Convenient to use. Provides a pleasant aroma. Contact with skin or eyes may cause irritation.
Urine-off Multi-Pet Cope even with old marks, eliminates odor and removes stains. Does not contain potentially hazardous components. Are absent
ZooSan Suitable for processing all surfaces. It is endowed with a hypoallergenic property. Virtually odorless. Not effective in removing stubborn stains.

Common mistakes

When choosing a suitable product that can eliminate the smell of urine, or get urine out of shoes it is important not to make a mistake:

  1. Whiteness and other products containing bleach are useless and dangerous. A pungent smell will attract the cat and cause a fresh puddle. In addition, chlorine-treated boots or slippers will be irreparably damaged.
  2. Ammonia contains ammonia, a substance that is also present in urine. He will not interrupt the cat smell and will not prevent the cat from marking shoes again.
  3. Air fresheners and other pungent odors will mask urine only temporarily. The reason for the stench will not go anywhere and will remind of itself at every contact with moisture.
  4. Essential oils also do not bring any benefit, on the contrary, can significantly enhance the unpleasant odor.

First of all, you need to clean your shoes using effective methods. And only after the removal of the stubborn elements of urine, the use of various flavored agents is allowed. In this case, a stable result is guaranteed.

  • Bleach products are useless and dangerous.
  • Liquid ammonia will not interrupt the cat smell and will not prevent the cat from tagging shoes again
  • Pungent products will mask urine only temporarily.
  • Essential oils enhance bad breath

How to prevent a problem

It is much easier to prevent the problem, and not to deal with its unpleasant consequences. The cat will never make a puddle in the place where it will smell like coffee, citrus, lavender, cinnamon, mint and rosemary. It is not necessary to use fresh grains or just torn branches. It is enough to leave a cotton wool soaked in essential oil. There is no point in using these substances if the cat’s mark remains on the shoe, because the reasons for the persistent smell of urine lie in its composition.

There are many special tools on the pet market designed to scare cats away. Most of them not only protect against unwanted puddles, but also clean the surface if any. Along with their use, it is necessary to find out why the cat got into the habit of passing past the tray. Both physical and psychological factors can precede such behavior. If eliminated, the likelihood of new tags will be reduced to a minimum.

Leave a cotton wool soaked in essential oil in the shoes
Get cat repellent

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