Real uggs: How to distinguish real ugg from a fake?

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Real uggs: How to distinguish real ugg from a fake?

The modern market offers many products. Often you have to deal with counterfeit. How to protect yourself from buying fake ugg boots? How to choose real uggs and high-quality shoes? In this article you will find answers to all your questions.

How to distinguish real ugg from a fake?

The higher the demand for a product, the more analogues it has. This fact touched and loved by many UGG® Australia. There are a lot of imitators of this brand. Some manufacturers produce similar boots under their own names, while others sew frank fakes, presenting their goods on the market as genuine. Unscrupulous entrepreneurs often use substandard materials. Given the current situation, and the question “how to distinguish real ugg from artificial?” – is becoming more relevant.

To evaluate the quality of the uggs, first carefully examine the fur inside. Being real, it is dense, fluffy, cream-colored. If the insulation looks white or gray-white, thin, and even crumbles when touched – this is definitely an artificial material. The presence of a smell of paint also indicates inadequate quality. In the original boots, the sheepskin is inside the same shade as the boot, but the insole always remains a real color. And another detail indicating authenticity is a single layer. In the case when the fur and skin diverge from each other – this is a fake.

How to choose real uggs?

There are several ways to distinguish a fake from an original. To do this, you need to know the following nuances:

  1. The sole thickness of the original UGG® Australia pair is always 13 mm. Whereas for analogues it can vary, and often even be thin at all – of the order of 5-7 mm. For branded boots, it is elastic, matte and has a relief.
  2. Pay attention to the stripes. In fake copies, they may be unevenly sewn, and a different font is used to write the brand. The logo on the heel should not be placed too high.
  3. Women’s uggs with real fur do not have a synthetic winterizer, they are single-layer.
  4. A certificate is required. They put it in a box with boots. On one sheet is information about the properties of shoes and a protective hologram. On the other – words of gratitude about the perfect purchase.
  5. Brand uggs are never sold with any accessories and sheepskin samples; they are not put up at auction sites.

Women’s real uggs

The quality of the materials that are used when sewing shoes affects the health of the feet, the feeling of wearing comfort, durability, and appearance. Therefore, if you decide to buy a cozy and warm pair for the winter, make sure that your uggs are made of genuine leather and fur. Only in this case you can fully enjoy the comfort of these boots.

Ugg boots with real fur

Due to the demand with each new season, the lineup is becoming more diverse and diverse. There are many options: without additional decorative elements, decorated with sequins, buttons, rhinestones and embroidery. Among the most popular models were uggs with real fur on the outside. This design creates not only a presentable and expensive look, but also protects against the ingress of snow inside the shaft.

Genuine sheepskin uggs

Classic UGGs are versatile shoes that can be worn by both women  ( you may also like women uggs) and men. Sewing boots from real suede and sheepskin. This material has excellent thermoregulation. Your feet will be comfortable in them both in severe frost, and at twenty degrees of heat. Therefore, you can often see photos of celebrities who wear such boots with shorts or light dresses. They are very soft, comfortable, ideal for casual style and help in creating a relaxed, somewhat cheeky look.

Suede Uggs

If you have an active winter holiday, a trip to the country or a long walk with friends in the park, then women’s winter real uggs are what you need. They will definitely not let you down and will warm your legs even in the most severe frost. It’s better not to save on quality, although at the moment there are a large number of analogues that are more affordable. But doubts arise about their properties.

real suede ugg boots are very durable and wear resistant. When dressing, this material undergoes processing with special fats, therefore, as a result, a waterproof fabric is obtained. It is ideal for sewing shoes for the autumn-winter season. You can not be afraid of rains and slush. Moisture, even in large quantities, will not harm the appearance and properties of shoes.

Short real uggs

Sheepskin boots look rude and clumsy. Some girls for a long time hesitate to buy them, for fear of visually shortening the figure. UGG with short legs are suitable for women of short stature. To additionally visually stretch the silhouette, select shoes in the same color scheme with outerwear and do not focus on the waist. Otherwise, you divide the figure in half and the illusion of length will be destroyed. Slim legs can be emphasized by wearing stylish real uggs with skinny jeans.

High uggs with real fur

Girls with significant growth can afford almost any style of shoes. Fashionable real uggs with high legs are perfect for them. These boots look interesting with short shorts, skirts, dresses, elongated sweaters and tunics. Pants are best worn tight so that they are easy to refuel inside. An excellent alternative is leggings.

There are high uggs with real fur trim on the market. They look very presentable and original. Therefore, often girls with short stature still decide to buy such shoes. In this case, in order not to visually cut the silhouette, wear boots with a lapel. Then you can enjoy your favorite UGG, without risk of visually distorting the figure.

Children’s real uggs

Each parent knows how important it is to choose high-quality and fashionable shoes for your child. real uggs for children are stylish and comfortable shoes. They are warm, comfortable and fit almost any clothing. There are models for both boys and girls. But in order not to harm the baby’s health, you need to know several features of these boots:

  • because of the slippery sole, in order to avoid injuries, it is better not to wear ugg boots in ice;
  • If your region often has rainy days or thaws in winter, choose a leather model rather than a suede top. Then the child’s legs will definitely remain dry;
  • children’s uggs do not have a rigid heel and a small heel, so orthopedists recommend wearing them no more than 2 hours a day to prevent deformation of the foot.

If you correctly approach the choice and wear of children’s ugg boots, your child will look stylish without harm to health.

Men’s real uggs

Absolutely everyone loves comfort: both women and men. Therefore, such comfortable and popular sheepskin boots also pleased the strong half of humanity. The lineup is not too diverse. Manufacturers produce them in several basic colors: gray, dark blue, brown and black real uggs for men. But such an assortment is definitely enough to create a stylish image.

In order not to look ridiculous, remember a few simple rules:

  • do not wear skinny jeans with uggs;
  • choose the color of the boots in one palette with outerwear;
  • do not combine UGG with a long coat;
  • buy shoes of your size. Even if the fur inside comes in over time, the boots will not lose their shape and will fit the leg well.

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