Blue timberlands: What to wear convenience and comfort

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Many items of women’s wardrobe were originally created for men. Fashionable timberlands are no exception. These rough boots were designed specifically for lumberjacks, they are characterized by high strength materials, and absolute water resistance. The last quality was achieved through the use of special casting technology.

In the male version, timberlands are available in just a few classic colors. But the models designed for ladies have a great color variety. One of the popular options are blue timberlands. This shoe color goes well with clothes of different colors, but at the same time, it looks more interesting than traditional the black or brown.

A bit of history Blue timberlands

As already mentioned, durable waterproof boots were created for logging workers. The author of the technology, Nathan Schwartz, became the founder of the Timberland brand. This brand of shoes has existed for more than a hundred years, but is still popular.

A bit of history Blue timberlands

As often happens, the brand name has become a household name over time, today the term “timberlands” refers to lace-up shoes made of leather or nubuck with a thick grooved sole. The most common color for these boots is tan. However, models for women produce bright colors. Especially popular with fashionistas are blue women’s timberlands. Since this color is practical and, at the same time, elegant.

Model convenience

The main advantage of this model is their strength and convenience. Thanks to the grooved sole, the shoes do not slip even when walking on ice. In addition, this shoe is universal. Shoes are produced that can be worn in the summer in cool weather. But still, autumn models with a textile lining or made of faux fur are more popular. Since the shoes are waterproof, then you can safely walk through the puddles without fear of wetting your feet.

Winter models are insulated with natural fur lining. The presence of a special removable insole protects the legs from hypothermia and makes walking more comfortable.

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Timberlands are very popular with tourists who make long pedestrian crossings, and climbers. But these shoes are very comfortable to wear in the city. Models created for women have more elegant forms, so they fit well into urban street fashion.

We create fashionable ensembles

Let’s figure out what to wear with this fashionable shoe. Stylists recommend including blue timberlands in casual and military ensembles. They fit perfectly into the marine and cowboy style.

What to wear in cold weather?

Most fashionistas prefer to wear timberlands in autumn and winter. At this time of the year, it is recommended to combine boots with warm leggings or skinny jeans. Such a simple but very convenient ensemble is worth complementing. loose sweater rough knitted and spacious park.

Blue color is almost universal. Navy boots look good with clothes of any color. For bright blue models, clothes should be selected more carefully. This color looks good, both with a close blue-green range, and with contrasting colors.

Onion option:

Put on blue skinny jeans with navy timberland. The ensemble will complement the free bright red tunic mid-length of the bird with a large blue print on the chest and a black insulated jacket, which is slightly shorter than the tunic. Complement the ensemble with light gray knitted gloves and a dark gray knit hat with a pompom.

More feminine looks are ensembles in which blue timberlands are combined with dense leggings. You can choose both monophonic models and two-tone leggings with geometric patterns, for example, dark blue with a white ornament. The top of such an ensemble must be made multi-layered. For example, you can wear a long denim shirt, knitted sweater up to the waist and volume parka.

What to wear in warm weather?

Blue timberlands will successfully complement fashionable summer looks. They will look very good with denim shorts or skinny ripped jeans. You can complement this ensemble with a shortened tight-fitting shirt and free plaid shirt.

You can wear blue timbers with a mini skirt – denim, leather or dense knitwear. Lovers of unusual looks can combine rude boots with flared short skirts or summer mini dresses. You can combine this shoe model with sportswear designed for outdoor activities.

A bit of history Blue timberlands

Bags should choose a large or medium size and, preferably, an unusual shape. Youth backpacks will look great with these shoes.

Fashion brands

Blue timberlands are quite popular, so shoes of this color can be found in the collections of different brands. Girls who prefer practical shoes should try on Timberland’s navy blue high boots. The model was created for autumn, it is made of natural nubuck and has a lining of faux fur.

A distinctive feature of the model is the use of materials of different textures for tailoring shoes. The lower part is made of stiffer nubuck, and the shaft is sewn from the same material, but with a softer texture.

Timberlands of bright blue color from Caterpillar COLORADO look more feminine. This shoe option has a luminous platform, so this shoe is perfect for club parties.



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