Best UGG boots for women: what to wear and choose 2020

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The Uggs settled in the women’s wardrobe several years ago and are not going to lose their place on the podium. What is their secret? In simplicity and warmth. let’s discuss Best UGG boots for women and everything about it.

Features and Advantages of Best UGG boots for women

These original shoes, familiar to everyone today, appeared in sunny Australia and conquered the whole world. It all started with Australian sheep farmers who dreamed of warm shoes and did not think about design. The best sheepskin is all that was needed for the first Australian boots. Later, a surfer from Australia brought ugg boots to the United States, which ensured the hype around this shoe, in which, indeed, a lot of advantages.

Features and Advantages

Advantages of original ugg boots:

  • use in the production of natural sheepskin;
  • soft suede surface;
  • simple style in the style of “unisex”;
  • the ability to wear all-weather;
  • wide range of designs;
  • impermeability.

There is much debate about the last point of the merits of ugg boots. We note immediately that fakes, even the best and most high-quality, get wet almost always when it comes to overt off-season slush. Original ugg boots are tanned, so they, like a sheepskin coat, remain dry inside.

Ugg boots Fashion models

Best Ugg boots Fashion models

The name of the model comes from “ugly boots”, which means “scary boots”. Today the language does not turn to call them scary, because the variety of their designs is amazing.

With bows

Even in ugg boots, women want to remain feminine and, of course, the first thing coquetry is associated with is bows. In some models, bows are located on the side and are made of suede in the form of lush and catchy accents. There is also a variant of bows at the back, while the calf top imitates a tongue, and the bows resemble lacing. It is worth saying there may be several. The material for this solution is a durable tape that can hold its shape well.

With sequins

Uggs are gradually going beyond everyday life, which is steadily promoted by celebrities appearing at social events in shoes with an original design. So, ugg boots are decorated with a scattering of sequins.

Most often used decor in the tone of shoes. For example, pink uggs are great in pink pearly sequins, black boots in black and so on. This combination gives a holographic effect.

With a button

A stylish and practical option in the style of “unisex” – uggs with a button on the boot. The use of accessories fixes the smell of the shaft, preventing the ingress of cold. However, we must not forget about the aesthetic side, so the buttons are complemented with Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones.

The buttonhole is made of elastic gum, which allows you to expand the shaft, especially if the uggs are presented in a high version. Models that reach the middle of the calf have three or more buttons.

On the shoelaces

The uggs on the laces look original. A kind of voluminous shoes have a tongue and lacing in front, their height varies, forming many options.

The most relevant today are uggs laced to the ankles, as well as tall models to the calf. Laces allow you to fix the uggs in accordance with the width and feature of the foot and lower leg.

With ribbons

Satin wide ribbons are organically combined with soft suede. Ugg boots are decorated with them at the back and side, forming simple bows or replacing shoelaces. In any application, tapes make the product more feminine and romantic.

For home

Ladies are so fond of ladies that now they can even be seen as home shoes. Of course, for the home, models are made in a lighter version. So, the foam rubber sole is replaced with soft micropore, the thick fur layer is replaced with a lining or knitted textile. Outside uggs are decorated with fur pompons, bows, complemented by a Norwegian print or knitted pattern.

When choosing such slippers, it is important to pay attention to the naturalness of the material. Faux fur inside always causes sweating of the legs and further growth of bacteria in shoes.

With chain

For lovers of bright accents ugg boots with a chain are released. This accessory can be present in front and behind, fastening on special loops. The current model was black short uggs with a thick gold chain in front.


The first ugg boots could hardly compete in style with model shoes, however, times have changed. Ugg boots with heels – cute ankle boots and fur boots made of soft suede. They will occupy a worthy place in the wardrobe for the off-season and Euro-winter. In terms of thermal properties, such a product is inferior to the classical form of uggs.


Ugg boots are resistant to dyeing and printing, and designers make full use of this useful property. So, ugg boots “in Russian style” are decorated with rich Khokhloma ornament, as well as Gzhel flowers. Camouflage themes are also used, but the Norwegian ornament with deers, geometric flowers and snowflakes remains the most popular winter pattern.


Sports uggs are often used for jogging in the fresh air, because shoes are striking in their weightlessness. Sports models are made from synthetic fabrics that can retain heat and remove excess moisture. So, fleece is used as a lining, the surface is represented by synthetic materials under suede.

With zipper

High-top Australian boots often need to be clasped for easy shoe wear. High uggs without them will be too wide in the boot and will not be able to sit perfectly on the leg. The back and side zippers stylishly solve this problem.

The uggs with an unzipped back zipper will embody the casual casual style. With a zipper fastened, the ugg boots look like neat boots that fit snugly to the foot and retain heat perfectly.


Youth ugg boots could not do without such a stylish and relevant detail as a luminous sole. LEDs built into the sole provide a single or multi-color glow when walking or in constant mode.

Thick soled shoes

By all means, each of us saw a massive tractor sole on shoes. Sandals, boots, and now uggs are decorated with this actual detail. In addition, such a sole provides an excellent anti-slip effect, and its thickness keeps the legs warm in severe frosts.


The ugg boots on a wedge look spectacular. It can be hidden and hide under a layer of suede, or it can be open and have a contrasting shade. This is a neat option for off-season and dry weather, however, with ice, discard such shoes, because on a wedge the ability to fall increases several times when compared with a heel.


As mentioned earlier, ugg boots perfectly tolerate staining. Today you can find models of the most diverse shades, however, let’s talk about the most relevant of them. So, beige and brown uggs are a classic palette. They are the most natural option and have similarities in soft colors with sheepskin coats.

If you want to find something more original, you can look at the gold, silver or other shiny models. Gold and silver effect is achieved using a scattering of sparkles and sequins. Such a brilliant effect looks stunning on red uggs.

Tender purple and turquoise uggs. These neutral and calm shades are perfectly emphasized by the tenderness of female nature. For bright and self-confident girls, rich blue models, green and emerald tones are suitable.


The first ugg boots were made exclusively from sheepskin. Today this material remains the best of the best, pleasing with the warmth and comfort of the legs. The most soft and high-quality uggs are made from the skins of a breed of merino sheep, famous for the density of pile. Thanks to the special dressing, a special waterproof layer is applied to the model from the sheepskin and the ugg boots are called “pouring”.

Suede ugg boots are a less practical option, although pleasing with their tenderness and softness. Suede patterns get wet in slush, form water stains during wear, so wearing them is recommended only in dry weather.

Artificial ugg materials are an economical option available to everyone. Natural sheepskin is replaced with faux fur, suede – with textiles. Such products are able to please the owner, however, not for long, because their wear resistance is low. An exception is fleece uggs for sports.

How to choose the right

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The right choice of quality shoes depends on the brand. Original ugg boots are UGG Australia products. Ugg boots from this brand have thick and dense fur, which makes it comfortable to wear shoes on a nylon toe. Stock in this case is contraindicated.

Why so categorical? The fact is that if the back rests against the heel freely, after a short time he will be crushed and have an unaesthetic appearance.

The specialized firm stores of UGG Australia will help you choose the right size, however, if you plan to make an order through the online store, you should carefully study the dimensional grid. So, brand models go exactly in size. As the manufacturer advises, you can buy them half the size more or less, provided that the fur shrinks.

What to wear

Ugg boots are a convenient option for every day. The only and main recommendation is a free style of clothing.

Despite such a fantasy in the possibility of combination, many girls are still afraid to look ridiculous in this shoe. But the fact is that the height of the models can visually shorten the legs. For such a problem, stylists advise combining uggs with tights to match. So, black uggs are organic with dense black tights, and brown – with brown ones. Another way to stretch your figure is to focus on the waist with a strap on a dress or skirt.

Jeans are another popular option. Straight and narrowed, baggy and skinny they are tucked into the shoes, forming fashionable sloppy folds. Wearing jeans over uggs is strictly prohibited.

It is also necessary to think about outerwear, because, despite the California summer fashion for ugg boots, for Russians they remain exclusively winter shoes. Long jackets and fur coats are not suitable for such a model, but short short fur coats and jackets to the middle of the thigh will become a stylish solution.

Fur vest in combination with uggs – trendy option.

As for fabrics, uggs accept rough materials. So, large-knit products, massive scarves will look much more appropriate than air ruffles and chiffon scarves.

How to distinguish a fake

UGG Australia is a brand representing original ugg boots. The company’s factories are located in China, so suppliers offering shoes made in Australia, New Zealand or any other country are trying to sell a fake. The way out is to purchase shoes only from official representatives of the brand.

Another key feature is natural materials. Soft sheepskin with excellent dressing speaks of Australian quality. Try to pull the fur inside the shoe with one hand and the outside with the other. With a fake, suede will begin to lag behind glued fur, with UGG Australia it is a single and indivisible fabric.

Decoration with rabbit, fox and other fur is unusual for the original models. Natural sheepskin is all that is needed for shoes that have conquered the whole world.

How to care for ugg boots

Ugg boots require special care, otherwise even the original models will be able to please fashionistas in just one season. Where to start? First of all, when you come home, it is important to clean the uggs with a dry suede brush. If contamination still remains, they are removed with clean water and a sponge, rinsing it thoroughly so as not to leave dirty streaks. Upon completion of the cleaning, the shoes are dried away from batteries and heaters, having previously been stuffed with paper.

Unfortunately, the above method is not always the result with respect to severe pollution. And then the girls have a question about whether it is possible to wash shoes in the washing machine. So, it is forbidden to wash natural sheepskin ugg from the machine. An exception is only knitted uggs, however, a positive washing result is not guaranteed.

For severe pollution and prevention from greasy soft surfaces, shoe manufacturers produce specialized products that are effective. Saving on them is not worth it, because they are ready to significantly extend the life of your favorite boots.

Brand New

Despite the fact that only one brand produces original uggs, well-known manufacturers also produce stylish models of boots.

Boogie woogie

Boogie Woogie is Australian-inspired ugg with stylish shapes and prints. A striking new item is a shortened model with a metallic effect. At the back of many models, there is a convenient zipper.

Shepherd’s life

Another Australian-designed brand Shepherd’s life produces stylish uggs with a genuine leather surface. The top of the models is richly decorated with rivets and quilted texture.


The Italian brand is ready to offer fresh new shoes with a touch of Italian sophistication. Even the rude uggs in the hands of the brand’s designers acquired a special gloss thanks to the leather with a metallic effect, luxurious fur trim, and the use of decor in the form of chains, beads and pendants.


Australian brand Ash is a stylish brand offering ugg boots of various styles. So, wedge uggs are popular today. Models are decorated with leather straps and metal fittings.

Fri daytime

An interesting collection was presented by Fri daytime brand. Delicate floral prints on a dark background, beads and stones, curly buttons are perfect on cropped models that cover the ankle. Present on the models and cute bows that resonate in the hearts of romantic natures.


Churinga, an Australian brand, offers merino wool of the highest quality. Tall and shortened models are available in various shades from lemon to fuchsia.

UGG Australia

Despite the fact that the supplier of original shoes is focused on the classic of uggs, the new collection contains bright options that correspond to all fashion trends. So, the models are decorated with chains, sequins, stylish rivets and bright beads.

Stylish looks

Pink cropped uggs look impressive and simple when paired with skinny blue jeans.

Pink cropped uggs

Brown uggs on a button are stylishly combined with tight black tights. Knitted socks add coziness to the look.

Brown uggs on a button

Black uggs with fur trim in different shades will be a stylish addition to winter clothes.

Blue uggs with bows at the back look especially gentle and romantic.

Blue uggs with bows

The laid out ornament of large crystals is perfectly combined with classic black uggs.

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